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edlintics · 438d ago

Thanks for the feedback!!

Yes, the tags function is not working well and we deploy as soon as possible, I just want to test out the launch if people understand what do we do.

For the IG, it is both a combination of organic subscribers and paid followers. We started as a tutoring group and it requires a certain degree of trust(popularity) to get students, so many are paid followers.

For sure we will readjust the homepage, it was coming from the customer interview that they wanted more human sensation in the educational website (seem like we over abuse it).

So why we are different? I don't think a website like Investopedia is doing a good job to explain a concept at a medium or advanced level. While Edlintics was running as a business tutor's group, we found that students found the explanations confusing for 3 factors:
- The article is so long, leads to the problem that it is super time-consuming to understand. Some explanation is like a research paper

- Content is not at entry-level

- The design is not enjoyable (not good as Duolingo, Codecademy, etc.)

So Edlintics directs the way people learn about new information in common human attention span, 2-3 minutes. Unlike other alternatives, we curate content so it can be easy to be understood focus on just an overview of a certain concept. If any people want to learn any information deeper, you can visit other websites for advanced materials based on our introductory content.

We started with business because it needs huge innovation in the way people learn. For many linguistic, coding learning platforms, the design and content are amazing. But for business, it is so hard to find something to start studying enjoyably. This makes the finance world isolated from society and keeps charging people so high (consultant, bankers, fraud, accounting, etc.)

"Google organizes the world information, Edlintics simplifies it in a few sentences:

Hope that helps!! Let me know if you have any other concern

edlintics · 600d ago

Amount of "acceptable" bugs for new website launch!!

edlintics · 666d ago

Did you used all the $100000 in AWS credit?

edlintics · 678d ago

Great idea, develop a tech product alone is so lonely and hard. By creating a group, we can elaborate on each other idea and code to solve problem or introduce new framework that suit the business model