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dunsterio · 432d ago

Hi Jason, one of the key differences we have vs Stripe Atlas is the speed of service. On average we finish incorporation orders regardless of the origin within 7 to 10 business days. Our EIN processing speed is the deal breaker, we get EINs within 3 to 5 business days if we rush them. We've been processing EINs for paying clients since we went live so we've proven our processes for many times now. That gives us confidence we can deliver every time despite Covid19.

dunsterio · 432d ago

Thanks! Other Pioneer players also used our services. Looking forward for more support

dunsterio · 433d ago

It's the business tax ID for businesses incorporated in the US. It allows the business to open US bank accounts, use payment gateways, etc.

dunsterio · 433d ago

We've been receiving special requests from businesses needing EIN since June, we've decided to publicly offer it as a standalone service.

dunsterio · 473d ago

For me it's not an advantage nor disadvantage, it will really depends on the person reviewing your feedback and progress updates. I'm a techy kind of person, but I know for I fact that whatever we're building will be put to waste if:
-there's no users
-and to gain users, should be focusing on either marketing, sales, or both
-revenue is also a good determining factor of market fit so I look for this, if people are willing to pay some $ even if it's just a few cents
-strategies to secure growth such as mentorship, onboarding an advisor, etc.

So yah, it really depends.

dunsterio · 478d ago

How many times do expert run reviews of top 50?