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donychristie · 152d ago

You might want to try The Charisma Myth.

donychristie · 158d ago

Thank you for sharing that!

donychristie · 166d ago

I memed someone else into doing a dopamine detox weekend the past couple weeks, and they say they get benefit out of passively watching TV (it's nonconceptual). Could work! I'd like to try (when life lets me) to make Saturdays a read-or-video-game-only day.

donychristie · 172d ago

Why is a cover photo required? That can take a lot of extra work to find a good photo.

donychristie · 172d ago

I think I would get a TON of usage out of this site if it could help me solve personal problems and I knew that the people who would respond are very openminded, playful, a bit wacky, very lateral thinkers who grok the concept of "gifting" in improv-speak.

I HATE whenever I post an idea to Facebook and people will give uninspired comments or criticism! Like I KNOW the idea is weird and imperfect you idiots! Why can't you just work with the idea and see where it goes rather than tear it down!?

There's my pain point.

donychristie · 172d ago

I have made a submission. I really like the idea of the site as I am big into collaborative creativity.

I feel uncertain what happens next after making a submission. Will I get an email that someone responded? What if someone's critical of my idea? How will I know if others have posted submissions on that entry? What if someone combines an idea of mine with someone else's idea - will I get a notification? Will I get some kind of reward?

donychristie · 172d ago

I'm having trouble making a submission or comment. Before I made an account, it felt confusing to me why I the submission fields looked clickable but weren't. I registered and now have to activate before I can post. Is there a way you can make marginal contribution 10x easier by allowing someone to be able to at least start writing in the form field before they have to 1) register and 2) activate?

donychristie · 172d ago

Have you tried Focusmate? You might like it. I use it quite a bit, including for doing my evening routine script (which involves planning my day the night before).

I don't know how to break though! I typically continue thinking about next tasks. I should go for a walk or something else embodied and nonthinking. Also Twitter is horrible for my productivity, I'll get sucked in for hours - legitimately addicting!

I want to start using my timer to put a ceiling on how long relatively unimportant tasks take.

donychristie · 172d ago

I'd say my biggest mistake is not putting more hours into it. This is probably because I'm avoiding it. I'm probably avoiding it because the nature of what to do next is unclear to me. It's unclear to me because... I'm afraid of deciding, then getting the next action wrong and being criticized for it? I'm afraid of getting the next action wrong and being criticized because... The stakes are important and I must get it right or I'm bad or something?

donychristie · 203d ago

The Facebook chat is just for personal support.

I can't message you on LinkedIn. Here is my Calendly (next Monday's the best earliest day to reach me):