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dominik · 8d ago

Sure, we won’t give up Enterprises. However, now we are focusing on the entire organization, where onboarding is a long process and prefer to be more team-centric. So I guess we will be more like a B2C2B platform in the future.

dominik · 9d ago

What we do is a cohort-based courses platform for software-based trainings. :) For now we are focusing on Enterprise customers to whom we are selling our platform as a cloud, multitenancy solution for their internal trainings, but we also plan to make our platform available as a B2C marketplace for individual experts. Similar to, but for software-based courses (from IT to radiology, etc.).

Those courses on our landing page are organized by indivuals, not by us (we are testing B2C functionalities that way).:)

dominik · 9d ago

Congrats Emin! Good to hear that another community member have succed! I think that our presence here helped us raising a pre-seed round also.

dominik · 9d ago

Some time ago, when we ware actively participating in this tournement it worked that way: the more you give, the more you get. Try to give as much juicy feedback as it is possible week over week for a month.

dominik · 71d ago

Pre-seed. 6 months of workshops, courses, community meetings and pitching to investors for 5k usd. Yes, you have to pay them first.

dominik · 173d ago

Ask what is the problem, show the solution you have and then sell your product. :) If you don't understand the problem, you are not able to develope the solution. Don't take me wrong, but it took us 3 years to understand the problem we want to solve. And that's only because we are our own customer...

dominik · 173d ago

I am not interested, however I think it would be more appealing for a potential co-founder to contact you if you wrote a little more detail here. :)

dominik · 190d ago

Any feedback on our LP: and Pitch Deck: is welcome! Thanks!

dominik · 194d ago

Interesting article. Here you have a slightly different approach to marketplaces:

dominik · 212d ago

Good luck! :) Great you are here! :) Take a look at those tools:

Notion - general concept, database structure
Figma - simple prototype
Webflow - website, CMS
Memberstack - subscription management
Stripe - payments
Jetboost - search / filters
Zapier - automation
Integromat - automation
GetResponse - emails
Airtable - database