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dominik · 11d ago

Ask what is the problem, show the solution you have and then sell your product. :) If you don't understand the problem, you are not able to develope the solution. Don't take me wrong, but it took us 3 years to understand the problem we want to solve. And that's only because we are our own customer...

dominik · 11d ago

I am not interested, however I think it would be more appealing for a potential co-founder to contact you if you wrote a little more detail here. :)

dominik · 29d ago

Any feedback on our LP: and Pitch Deck: is welcome! Thanks!

dominik · 32d ago

Interesting article. Here you have a slightly different approach to marketplaces:

dominik · 50d ago

Good luck! :) Great you are here! :) Take a look at those tools:

Notion - general concept, database structure
Figma - simple prototype
Webflow - website, CMS
Memberstack - subscription management
Stripe - payments
Jetboost - search / filters
Zapier - automation
Integromat - automation
GetResponse - emails
Airtable - database

dominik · 50d ago

What is your main goal? You want to learn how to code to become a software developer, or you just want to build a product/startup?

1) If you want to be a software engineer, whatever technology you decide to choose - you will have to spend around 1000h with code for a junior developer level (and ~10000h, so 4-5 years, for a senior level).
2) If you want to learn how to code in order to build your product, please don't! Use no-code tools instead. Build your MVP, get traction and then find someone with a senior skillset as a cofounder. Focus on sale and clients.

Sorry to go off topic, but I get the feeling that you want to learn programming quickly just to create something. And maybe you don't need to do that. :)

dominik · 55d ago


dominik · 55d ago

No doubt about it - I don't consider myself a Marketplace expert! I just thought it might be a good idea to start a discussion with a short article that others could reffers to. It simply makes me wonder if there is any recipe for creating such platforms. These are just my observations, nothing more.

dominik · 73d ago

Great! I will!

For now headlines look like this:
- Do I really need both sides? (
- To be or not to be first? (
- Build it for yourself
- Don't change customer habits
- Don't fight the competition
- Use "decentralized links"
- Show yourself
- Test it!
- Time-to-market
- Do your homework

I hope it will be useful to someone. :)