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dominik · 104d ago

In just choose a date and then "View feedback".

dominik · 129d ago

Update from #TechForUkraine team:

#TechForUkraine status for today

225 companies from 40+ countries and over 400 freelancers submitted their willingness to help. Whooah!

Ukrainian NGOs are at war right now. Many of them suspended their operations and are taking care of families. They need a situation to calm down until we can support them with technology.

Numerous NGOs and grassroots groups from the region are acting and supporting migrants. Technology is key to make it work efficiently - this will be our priority for the next few days.

Most difficult stuff right now:

Coordination. We don't need 20 AirBnBs for Migrants, two or three for each country in the region will be enough.

Patience. Numerous coders are making stuff independently to do something. That's not bad but it may cause even more chaos. It may me more useful to take a breath, reach TTTR to ask if there is something similar already going on and support teams that are already advanced in the making.

Balancing urgent action with mid-term strategy.

What do we need?

CRM / Resource Management software and integrators. Are you in a business and want to engage? Ping me and fill the form on our website

Cybersecurity Companies and Consultants. Are you in a business and want to engage? Ping me and fill the form on our website

Info about ongoing projects. Are you already coding something for Ukraine? Let me know in the comment or DM!

Volunteers speaking fluently Czech, Romanian, Moldavian, Slovakian, Hungarian to support TTTR in finding local initiatives and coordination. If that's you, please drop an email to

Most importantly - are you a Non-profit initiative that might use technology to organize your response better? We are supporting not only Ukrainian non-profits but every group of people working to support Ukraine. Reach out to me and and fill the form on our website

To all Companies and Freelancers who applied - thank you! This is the right thing to do! Please be patient, follow our email instructions and wait until we reach back with a project opportunity matching your skills and expertise.

The need is not there only today. It will be there for the next few months or even years. Having all of you in our database makes us sure we'll be able to answer all the needs and coordinate the tech response as effectively as possible.

Please share the info!

dominik · 262d ago

Sure, we won’t give up Enterprises. However, now we are focusing on the entire organization, where onboarding is a long process and prefer to be more team-centric. So I guess we will be more like a B2C2B platform in the future.

dominik · 263d ago

What we do is a cohort-based courses platform for software-based trainings. :) For now we are focusing on Enterprise customers to whom we are selling our platform as a cloud, multitenancy solution for their internal trainings, but we also plan to make our platform available as a B2C marketplace for individual experts. Similar to, but for software-based courses (from IT to radiology, etc.).

Those courses on our landing page are organized by indivuals, not by us (we are testing B2C functionalities that way).:)

dominik · 263d ago

Congrats Emin! Good to hear that another community member have succed! I think that our presence here helped us raising a pre-seed round also.

dominik · 263d ago

Some time ago, when we ware actively participating in this tournement it worked that way: the more you give, the more you get. Try to give as much juicy feedback as it is possible week over week for a month.

dominik · 326d ago

Pre-seed. 6 months of workshops, courses, community meetings and pitching to investors for 5k usd. Yes, you have to pay them first.

dominik · 427d ago

Ask what is the problem, show the solution you have and then sell your product. :) If you don't understand the problem, you are not able to develope the solution. Don't take me wrong, but it took us 3 years to understand the problem we want to solve. And that's only because we are our own customer...

dominik · 427d ago

I am not interested, however I think it would be more appealing for a potential co-founder to contact you if you wrote a little more detail here. :)

dominik · 444d ago

Any feedback on our LP: and Pitch Deck: is welcome! Thanks!