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Hello! My name is Dmitrii. We're a team of 3 people and we're building Kasti, a service for memorizing foreign language words and phrases. We would like to get some feedback regarding our landing page and about our idea in general. What are the most weakest points in your opinion that we need to work on harder? Thanks!

dman · 139d ago

I thought maybe to put CTA like Buy now for $000 and if people clicked we will show a message like 'thanks, leave your email etc'

dman · 140d ago

Do you have something to share? Landing page, slides or simple description?

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Colleagues recommended this
Probably it's related to Estonia only but anyway maybe it will be useful for someone else.

dman · 301d ago

Got it! But it looks like it's more for employees not for co-founders, am I wrong? I have the same situation but as employee with my current job.

dman · 301d ago

Let me specify something with an example. Let's say I give 30% to my co-founder with 4-year vesting period. That meant that he will fully get it in 4 years and if he leaves my company he will get nothing right? And those 30% will go back to me?