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dhruvbhatia · 229d ago

Yes, Slack is one of the tools that assist in building community.

dhruvbhatia · 230d ago


dhruvbhatia · 230d ago

Interesting. For me, this seems the case anywhere (Twitter, Pioneer, Linkedin etc.). I don't get bothered by it though, you need to segment your audience and focus on those who you think are the best fit ("target persona", etc.)

I'm technical btw (as technical as they come ), happy to give you feedback related to Touchgram

dhruvbhatia · 230d ago

Upvoted Paul, recall looks really cool, all the best!

dhruvbhatia · 230d ago

Our community platform (Casa) will have a leaderboard in the future.

dhruvbhatia · 230d ago

Yes, I can definitely agree with this view. I have started feeling a bit alone as well as a solo founder. It's about the team for sure!

dhruvbhatia · 231d ago

Absolutely! Would you say then, that it may be better to start alone or with few people initially to get PMF and reduce your burn?

dhruvbhatia · 231d ago

Great point Manoj :) It's all about execution!

dhruvbhatia · 246d ago

Good question, not sure. Have you had a review with the Pioneer team (I see you're comfortably in the top 50)?

There seem to be others like you in the top 50 as well, check out Hummii - https://hummii.com/

I'm working on Casa, a community platform for startups and brands. Would love to discuss community building for OatMlk btw, love the idea!

dhruvbhatia · 258d ago