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davidcrombie · 265d ago

Team collaboration.

davidcrombie · 304d ago

What a great idea. I will try the monologue idea!

davidcrombie · 304d ago

At 78 I am probably the oldest on Pioneer. It is so difficult. When I pitch I think of it as when you are doing customer discovery. I tell a story describing what I think their pain point is then wait for people to tell me what it really is. I find it easy as former stage actor to be in front of people pitching but find it so difficult to put on paper. I can talk about my solution without notes for as long as people want to listen. No pressure and a high afterwards. But weekly Pioneer work leaves me stressed. Go figure. Love the reflections, yours and others.

davidcrombie · 330d ago

Great breeding ground for perverts of all kinds, political or human.

davidcrombie · 337d ago

Where are you located?

davidcrombie · 352d ago

Add some team members.

davidcrombie · 398d ago

How do you feel about cleantech companies?

davidcrombie · 437d ago

Try an agenda to disclose level of discussion expected.

davidcrombie · 437d ago

Have you tried using your local ecosystem first. There are more brilliant people in Europe and Asia than people realize. That cuts out a lot of issues not the least time shifts.