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First time I had to pay taxes for my Delaware Co, I procrastinated until the last minute. Panic-hired a legal company for $500 on *the filing day*, ended up paying them myself with a little help from Google & Twitter. In total, lost $950 for being a procrastinator. Luckily the folks at the legal consultancy were kind enough to refund. Learnt my lesson!

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I love how you've communicated the value props on the landing page and congratulations on the exponential growth! I can't remember where I read this quote but it said that "startups that shift and adapt quickly according to the needs of their users are bound to succeed." sounds like that's exactly what happened with you guys. I wish you all the best man!

Quick question, can it work anywhere? Or the localization is built for NG only for now?

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This was my strategy in the beginning but I realized I didn't have that stamina to go through all at once haha. Glad it works for you though, that's quite impressive actually imo.

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Yes, this week is special, I wonder why haha.

I totally agree! There's a fine balance between taking enough time and giving thoughtful feedback and overdoing it by spending a ton of time 'trying' to give good feedback when you don't have any at that particular time. Spot on.

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If not, please do, I think your product might be the winner! :)

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This is awesome! I hope you signed up for the competition!

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Hi, sorted this out ASAP! We partnered with a publisher who was supposed to show people relevant ads so we can generate revenue but clearly they were the wrong partner, thanks for pointing it out!

Kindly check now and sign up if you'd be interested :)