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dantop · 299d ago

You shouldn't have responded, he doesn't deserve it.

I do want to thank you for your honest advice and opinion on Jobshive, it actually helped us to go from pre-revenue to our first $2,500 in revenue.
Since then we've been growing massively.
Rooting for you mate.

dantop · 316d ago

Would love to be part of this.

dantop · 325d ago

Yes that's correct

dantop · 326d ago

You are not giving away equity, that's the reason you'd paying for the program.

dantop · 326d ago

Yes I've heard about them, I got into their program September last year and they are very promising..
If you have the money I would say you should go for it.. it's worth it.

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dantop · 384d ago

Please can I have you email, want to have a private discussion with you. Thanks!