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dankelly · 27d ago

^ Love these suggestions, will add 1 more.

How many people on Pioneer know THE BEST answer to a specific feedback question, but have no idea the question is being asked in the first place?

Your ability to gain useful feedback as a tournament player is predicated on the idea that the ~ 10 players providing feedback in any given week have the insight/experience to answer your question.

For specific feedback, it would be cool to see a "post to Frontier" feature.
This would create a new thread on Frontier with the question.
The idea being — increased question visibility should (in theory) correlate to increased high-quality responses.

dankelly · 38d ago

Growth and usage are important factors which should compliment your product validation statement.

- [ ] Month-over-month growth? (in double-digits?)
- [ ] Daily Active Users? (DAU)
- [ ] Monthly Active Users? (MAU)

Retention/Churn are also important metrics but in a very early stage co (launched X months ago) these numbers sometimes don't paint an accurate picture.

Ex -> You launch on Product Hunt and get a surge of app installs from users curious to play with the app. They try the app once and never return again — Completely hosing your metrics.

Here is some more info on retention : https://www.geckoboard.com/best-practice/kpi-examples/retention-rate/

dankelly · 97d ago

The book is written by Square co-founder Jim McKelvey. McKelvey does a deep dive into how Square was one of the few (only?) companies able to compete directly with Amazon and win.

The gist is "Make your product better on a bunch of different dimensions than your competitors eg. design, business processes, user experience, underlying tech etc. AND make replicating these things impossible or very difficult"

It's a great read and IMO should be way more popular than it is

dankelly · 97d ago

The Innovation Stack by Jim McKelvey

dankelly · 124d ago

Notion released an API recently -> https://developers.notion.com

dankelly · 188d ago

Checkout Tripetto -> https://tripetto.com