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daniyeljack · 333d ago

Working on a new landing page based on feedback from other players and current progress, I would love an expert review. Landing page update https://tinyurl.com/52vyuzbd

Also, I would love to know what are the milestones for becoming a pioneer?

we currently have over 200k followers combined on our social media channels called Football Fans tribe https://web.facebook.com/FansTribeHQ.

we have partnered with fantasy football hosts with hundreds of paying customers interested in our fantasy football platform 5thpro.

we have been validating the idea using WhatsApp for 3years though it is not scalable using WhatsApp and excel sheets to manage fantasy points of players. last English premier league we generated almost $1k on WhatsApp alone.

daniyeljack · 405d ago

Hi I am Daniyel from https://5thprofantasy.com

5thpro is a social gaming platform for Fantasy football players to Compete, Connect, and Win Prizes(Cash, Crypto, and NFTs).

If we combine Draftkings and Twitter, we would get a 5thpro experience.

We are building 5thpro in Africa with a football fan base of over 300 million-plus and a sport betting market size of almost $40 Billion.

There is currently little to no competitive, engaging, and monetized Fantasy Football on the continent of Africa. With over 7yrs of playing Fantasy football, I and my team are the best people to deliver this rewarding experience.

We are currently seeking a Pre-seed to purchase the APIs, equipment, and cloud services we need to lunch with the new English Premier League by August.

Pitch deck: https://tinyurl.com/3rje7a2a

Thank you Pioneer is been wonderful being here so far.

daniyeljack · 438d ago

Looks great,