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danielgetman · 488d ago

I was actually on product hunt yesteday so I'll let that do the explaining XD


But yeah idk how to explain "It makes food taste better but I swear it is not a narcotic"

danielgetman · 488d ago

Going through TSA with kilos of white powder, pink powder, and thousands of silver packets when visiting home is always exciting. IDK what is worse the thought of how I'd explain myself or the thought of losing $1k worth of product that I spent weeks making by hand.

danielgetman · 513d ago

Huh I had no idea people would under-price their product that much! I thought it was just pre-sales.

Thanks for the heads-up. I'll certainly think about how to make it enticing but also manageable from a margins perspective.

danielgetman · 516d ago

1) Coca-Cola ran a study a year ago showing no long term side effects or toxicity/allergies. Another company in the 70's tested rats and gave them 1000x what a human would eat g/kg a day and found no changes in the rats over their lifetime nor multiple generations later.

2)Children actually have different tastebuds than adults They have more and a higher concentration of sweet taste buds. So while you are absolutely right, this problem affects the entire population of children, not just those "that have too many sweet profiles". I think the miracle fruit is a great interface to get them to eat more fruits and vegetables rather than candies.

danielgetman · 520d ago

Jeez I didn't know it was that hard. I must say then that raising might be easier for me personally since I've built up an okay network over the last year and a half. My friend/social network is full of flaky people so I can't really count on them for KS. I'm not concerned about the dilution because I think of it as people "paying" to be advisors. Plus my margins are good so I don't need to raise anything too big.

Hey I think we're about to break Frontier. This is getting pushed to the side way too much XD.

danielgetman · 520d ago

Yeah I'm thinking about it. I've heard that KS is not as easy as people would think.

I want to use PH to either build up a base of hype or link directly to the KS

danielgetman · 520d ago

I tried that and it's not super efficient. If I get 1000 orders I'm fucked. It took me 4 days to process 110. Although I learned a lot and could probably do 2x that now. I've also learned to keep a large inventory if I expect coverage from an influencer, HN, PH, etc.

danielgetman · 520d ago

Good question. I'll add it to my customer interview sheet.

I've had people ask "wow you lost so much weight" and they'll be like "yeah we tried this product" and then no one cares... people are very flaky. I think COVID also makes things hard because people don't talk/meet as much so chances it will come up in conversation are significantly lowered

danielgetman · 520d ago

You can get most microinfluencers (1-20k followers) for free. Expect a 5% cold open rate though. I noticed though that people put 0 effort in when it is free and I wanted a good video for my homepage. She asked $400 for a post and after negotiation she was willing to do $100 for just the video, no post.

Conversions are terrible. My ad has 11% click through rate but 0 conversions: https://fb.me/1ISF78nvPHOH5NJ
^this video and all my other videos have been free and 100% genuine

Got any advice where the friction/objections might be? I'm totally lost and FB ads ain't cheap.