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cyrilmugglin · 405d ago

Hey! I'm Cyril from Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks for the great sessions!

I'm a solo builder and my project is

Miras supports your life change by tracking and measuring your personal development goals.

I'm at MVP stage with double digits beta testers and receive very positive feedback. Currently I have not implemented any monetization feature. The idea that I have for monetization is to provide Miras to coaches who focus on people that perform something life-chaning (e.g. getting retired, job change, or mentoring for students).

My question is:
What could I improve on the website in order to (a) get more users onboarded from my target group and (b) validate if my monetization idea is actually working?

Thanks so much!

cyrilmugglin · 514d ago

Thanks! Just built the community with it. Looking awesome!

cyrilmugglin · 528d ago

Hello Daniel,

Following is a challenge where I would like to have your take on:

Miras is a email coaching service for individuals to reach their life goals.

Status quo: The service focuses on life goals per se.
Option 1: Continuing with it, making the service better, and stick with one value proposition of finding your important life goals.
Option 2: Open up the broad value proposition and create seperate ones for each life area, e.g. email coaching tracks for getting helathier, find your why, becoming spontaneous, etc.