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curtaustin · 28d ago

Well, I will say I am not sure if age plays into it. But I will say they passed on my site, with reason It isn't ready yet, and I enjoy working with peers and Pioneer to help get it ready. I am older, (so yes it would suck if age is a factor, but that happens) but with that it is a bit easier to design content that is relevant with experience. However, this is a hinderance when it comes to connecting with the extremely important younger demographic. This is why I find the feedback helpful. And, I apologize, I am travelling this week and only managed 5 reviews. Lowest yet, I am usually good for 10. As for rankings, have hit #32, but now hang out in the mid 60's. Work on the site when not working making a living in the field the site is designed for, trying to get funding attention to hire a programmer. So, age is also a factor when it comes down to the amount of time and programming available for the site vs actually making a relevant site. Best of Luck to all!

curtaustin · 63d ago

Thank you JetBrains for the clarification!

curtaustin · 70d ago

Is there a way to know if it is a Pioneer Expert and who they are? Hit the top50, so was curious.

curtaustin · 70d ago

I like that, crossing fingers and hoping. I also want to be very envious, not disappointed every week. Glad I am not alone.