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how could we manage to eat grass? · 515d ago

very clear.

no such unique name is ever memorable. google took a long time to catch up.

i don't have dementia. the slogan doesn't speak to me. both my grandparents had it. still wouldn't have spoken to me, i could never get them to use such high tech.

you're almost competitor from my own project... keyword there is *almost*. i see it mostly like a cane, to get people away from the big fire and able to get back to walk. like most of the medical work, always trying to put out the neverending and growing fire in our world.

and i really rather look at life from a very different angle... but this is too big of a random comment already.

cheers! · 515d ago

1. looks rather simple
2. no interest in slack, sorry
3. "slack is too much, here's how to make it good". but i don't buy it myself. · 515d ago

are there any projects closely similar to mine in pioneer?

ps: achoz is a child project of ahoxus (the previous main protect i've been pushing over the past 57 weeks here) but they're actually both the same, like email and internet. · 556d ago

thanks for pointing to formspree! looks great!

just a bit worried about what "50 submissions" mean on the free plan... · 556d ago

- When you just create a landing page, do you find it hard/annoying to implement a form to collect users’ emails?

yes! extremely hard.

- Do you use something like Mailchimp or Hubspot to do it?

nope. i need something new, simple, and FOSS.

- What things do you struggle with in the process?

collecting and sending emails, of course... with a simple unsubscribe option.

no tracking needed. no cookies. no API. no mailchimp, stripe, etc. no complexity.

there won't be and mustn't be many subscribers.

i fear even is an overkill for my case.

would you recommend something?

edit: been trying now with thanks to @estebanvargas · 556d ago

this topic needs more praising. · 556d ago

watched 7 minutes.

i bet it's an intelligent and interesting talk. but i'm personally tired of such things...

pioneer biggest flaw given such a noble goal is being closed source.

and calcanis is looking only to his own belly button in the USA, like most americans.

i will bother to know better about either when they start to do libre FOSS.

in any case, i'm thankful for pioneer being free and such a great place for gathering some feedback which i would otherwise have never got!

also thankful for some good unnamed youth memories from twit, which calcanis was probably often there with the amazingly adorable leo laporte.

but i really can't re-enforce enough how sad it is they don't do "libre" in the free and highly subjective way. · 573d ago

couldn't agree more! but i think those are 2 very distinctive topics so i wrote about them out here. · 573d ago

honestly, receiving feedback is the only reason i come here.

but i don't go into the game to give feedback. because it's too tiring, comparing 40 unrelated projects in just 1 day and giving individual personalized good feedback to each one!

i do, however, give feedback to everyone who comments in my project and have a website, link, whatever. it's usually 6 people at most.