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thanks for all your help!

the medium isn't that important, you know. we have no intention of making a book, but it can happen. it's also not a blog, and it will definitely not be limited to a website.

the shortest word for our current "product" is content. isn't that specific enough?

anyway, just edited it again... frontier is probably not the best way to do this.

get inspired by our experience on how to make your own crisis-prepared-living by moving from the city to the country side as a huge life and love improvement!
" · 11d ago

do tell me more! · 11d ago

thanks. i hope i know what you mean. look at it again, i've edited it!

this was the prior version:

we share whatever we learn from our own crisis preparation, while living life with joy and without money!
" · 14d ago

we need to improve our sentence, don't we? any suggestions?

i'll probably edit the original post after your ideas! · 23d ago

but do let your startup keep you from spending time with people you DON'T care about.

both are equally challenging! :-D · 23d ago

spot on, karen!

i would say it's just A key, rather than THE key, though.

another key is what i like to call balanced chaos, or unbalanced harmony, same thing:

it's the difference between a piece of music which is perfectly tuned, without a single flaw, and it's nice like a recording of [your favourite musical piece], a perfect copy of one interpretation of that song... and one filled with flaws and disorder, but fully alive like the live and unique instance of that same song, played by the author for the first, nth or last time in front of an audience of 1 or N people.

i mean, playing your heart out is always beautiful! · 23d ago

and then there's everything in between (and on the sides), which is where real projects actually exist.

not a single practical solution is done without a healthy amount of dreaming. · 37d ago

i can't recommend daniel vasalo's course enough, even when i don't quite agree with him

in short: build an audience for yourself or your brand through credibility.

it is a brand for story telling, after all, you must know (or learn) how to tell your own story!

this daniel's case is around twitter and picking an easy study case (his own), but still might teach you a lot about this idea.

if you have most of it in your hands already, as i'm betting you do, it should be straightforward to get much more than 50 customers in 2 weeks. arbitrary counting on when the challenge starts is never really the point, anyway.

perhaps what you should focus the most on is to quit any "sales pitch". don't ask for people to buy your stuff or pay attention to it. just give stuff away. ideas. good content. stories! ;* · 37d ago

i've made mine for free using github pages and free layouts such as bootstrapping, before pioneer even existed.

the earlier you do it, the more you can accumulate in it for self improvement, including edit out a lot of unnecessary stuff!

it may not even help to climb up the pioneer ladder, but it sure helps to communicate with anyone, anywhere! especially yourself. ;* · 79d ago

i'm curious to know what you think about leo.

managing most complicated issues is indeed crucial, but it won't that simple to identify valuable customers when the product is free, or with same price tags... plus, even high paying ones might not be worth the problem they cause.