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coryz · 11d ago

Seems like an unnecessary semantic question. Debate over nothing?

I think of this when I hear this question:

It depends on who you're talking to and why.

coryz · 17d ago

good stuff, note it's "Episode" not "eposide"

Tatiana was a strong guest.

coryz · 40d ago

I might've missed it, but would love to see a true before and after. Seems like the only images linked are in the "after a week of designing, but still much work to do" phase.

Good share, thanks mate

coryz · 54d ago

sweeet -- how'd you get around the clamp-downs on crypto startups? i know those were tough last month

coryz · 60d ago

good on you, andy. big week, learned a ton, new life to celebrate. wins all around in my book -- keep talking to users and building an excellent product

coryz · 61d ago

i left the project long time ago. but the habit tracking space has always been on my mind to improve.

coryz · 64d ago

wish they weren't all mobile. :( would be fun to play around the Horae. was going to make much less aesthetically pleasing version of that in the past (I suppose habit tracker is a crowded space).

looks like good work though

coryz · 64d ago

village global also has an accelerator, is good i hear. $150k probably good to add the list

coryz · 64d ago

this is great, thanks mattcrail

coryz · 64d ago

do hn, reddit and indiehackers count as cross-posting? i'd always recommend those three