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Shared by coreydaniels · 349d ago · 2 comments
coreydaniels · 348d ago

There's just two of us right now. Me and my co-founder.

coreydaniels · 422d ago Launched as an minimum viable product about 5 months ago. Been continuing to ship features week by week.

coreydaniels · 454d ago

Satchel recently had an article comparing incorporation services.

Their end suggestion was Clerky but the article is definitely worth a read for the full story.

coreydaniels · 461d ago

I would suggest spending a little bit of time considering your brand and distilling it down into a handful of patterns that you can reliably execute across your properties.

I think it's less about what the branding is specifically... but more about just creating consistency in your product.

A little goes a very long way in making what you're building look professional and reliable.

An example: On, it's just a single font, a handful of colors, and single scale used for size/spacing.

coreydaniels · 461d ago

Hiring Pioneers, it would be absolutely amazing if you could take a look at and let me know your feedback.

coreydaniels · 475d ago

The two are interrelated are they not?

If your technical achievements do not eventually lead to growth, somethings not working.

coreydaniels · 494d ago

A modern hiring solution for small businesses.