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I tried and failed. Twitter limits 100-1000 views per post. Other platforms, such as HN, need the book "How to show the top of HN" for 500K views or get nothing, and require a rating, ie equal payment for a time or $ to accelerate publication. · 619d ago

No problem, just do it!
Pioneer is just a web project, and anyone can improve it with a code or other post, such as
I'm working on a pioneer extension in my spare time too
Pioneer team is busy reviewing your startups hahah · 626d ago

Hello Pioneer team! Can you check out our mobile app for creative developers?
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Thanks for the info and Ehti looks good. I guess I saw Ehti early, but bookmarked it again. · 669d ago

Thanks for the post, should help · 824d ago

I'm looking for a good search engine solution for modern nocode tools in usable form - just search and try, no lessons, no videos, no marketing, because I just need a search result in usable form. I tried multiple code/nocode solutions for a our web site, so research 90% when site dev 10% if you're wants an ideal solution. I tried to analyze everything myself and this looks like tech internet 10 years ago when we have a languages problem · 831d ago

Don't worry about votes, just be yourself and let's the weekly suggestions guide you! · 839d ago

Refactoring post is amazing! Good job! Need comments/forum below refactoring card