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cjb · 290d ago

that's dope! i hope you find the right counterpart!

curious what you'll do to allow authentic responses. do you mean more verified bids from creators to brand briefs?

cjb · 291d ago

finding 1 user that is super stoked about it and starts throwing thoughts/scenarios at you really quickly; kinda like a super charged brainstorm session, both parties balls of excitement uwu

what are ur ideas rn?

cjb · 330d ago

as a product it's ok, not my thing; but i'll use it cause ppl that'd normally be out of reach on social, are open to DMs rn.

also it's ripe for making/joining niche clubs relevant to your project and start new growth channel.

cjb · 407d ago

hiya lorenzo! can't join the hackathon but sending you good vibes and a smooth, successful event! :D

cjb · 407d ago

go lorenzo!! -carmina

cjb · 468d ago

found discord great for having a pool of users you can chat with daily for feedback; also let them create the community they want and get to know their interests/lives to get a fuller picture of your user. our issue now is replicating that camaraderie outside of discord, it's why we introduced a forum on the web/mobile to not leave out users. what are you guys trying?

cjb · 484d ago

We've been waiting almost 2 months for our EIN to finish processing via Stripe. Probably taking this long because we have a Canadian address.

What's the difference between Dunster and Stripe? And how does it guarantee faster EIN processing, especially for Canadian address owned businesses?


cjb · 488d ago

second miit.co; mvp is just anything that can get the conversation started. build trust with initial user by iterating daily, be transparent on your thought process on the solution and soak up all info.

our mvp was a discord bot that took a day to build and it just posted their drawings on their server when prompted, and for the longest time kids submitted by scanning paper drawings to dm us. ultimately we took months going back n forth building fast features on discord bot and had a server to learn about their behaviours before building out tools on web/mobile. gl! -carmina

cjb · 525d ago

personally take into account how hard the tech tasks are and progress that wk over idea/metrics. majority voters seem to value a growth metrics here; but don't think that's a ranking flaw, think that's just human flaw since voting is subjective and most don't look too deep into projects. -carmina

cjb · 531d ago

I log out of everything for an entire day and picnic at the beach/park with my dog. Being present, people watching and being in some sort of nature is usually enough until the next low. As for creativity replenishment talking to users is the best for this, just know that they can drag you and lift you all in a single convo smh -carmina