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cilliancollins · 481d ago

For landing pages I'm a big fan of Umso. It's a pretty good way to create a quick landing page and get your ideas down. It's particularly useful in the early stage of a startup to get everything written down and help figure out the direction of things.

cilliancollins · 502d ago

Agreed. I still find it beneficial though. I spread it out across the day, doing one or two between breaks. Overall I'll usually do the first one pretty early in the morning, and do the last ones before bed. It's more of a whole day thing for me haha. I do try and spend a bit of time and give good feedback to everyone's project though, and take some time to get to understand the project. I don't always have the time for this though and that'll result in lower quality feedback which isn't ideal.

cilliancollins · 519d ago


We ( would really love to hear Daniel's thoughts on an effective marketing strategy for B2B startups. We're predominantly targeting restaurants, where it's hard to actually get through to a decision maker. What would be the single most useful thing we could do to improve our visibility to restaurant owners?

Thanks for your time!

cilliancollins · 528d ago

Yeah I make a point of not voting people who say it but I assume it's working for them...

cilliancollins · 529d ago

On top of this; I think it should be outlawed for people to say "You have my vote!"

I've been seeing it a lot more recently and it's easy to see how people get feedback upvotes when they announce that they're upvoting their progress update. It feels inauthentic and I can't see any benefit of telling people that you're upvoting them. I think the only thing it serves to do is have the other person return the favour.

cilliancollins · 544d ago

Yes, they set ambitious goals to make sure you're reaching targets. Don't get discouraged, they only want to see how far you can get with it.

cilliancollins · 549d ago

This is great to see. Feedback has been getting much better in overall quality in recent weeks. A lot more people giving detailed feedback!

cilliancollins · 556d ago

It's an elo-rating system that's used I think. Having more/less votes doesn't actually affect you. If you get no votes, you should remain in a similar leaderboard position. You can't objectively say that more or less votes is a good thing.

If you're voted over a good player; you're more likely to move up. If you're voted over a lower-ranking player, it won't affect you too much.

I do recall reading somewhere that the rank of the person 'deciding' who's better, is also weighed in. So the opinion of higher ranking people on the leaderboard may carry more weight, but I could be wrong there.

cilliancollins · 557d ago

On top of this, one week I received more 'votes' in the email than I received feedback. It was by a substantial amount too (around 4-5 feedback comments missing).

cilliancollins · 571d ago

You have 2 projects. You upvote one, the other is automatically downvoted.