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These comments are really helpful! I'm definitely new to the pioneer game and so these are definitely good thoughts into re-evaluating how I interpret what Pioneer is asking of me. Is the general consensus that when we evaluate, who had more impressive progress, we evaluate progress relative against the KPIs that the Pioneer has set?

I might be misinterpreting something, but does this then reward setting KPIs that are more reachable?

My initial thinking regarding Pioneer rewarding building more is from the weekly voting process being voting with low context. From the outside looking in when I don't know a lot about the stage and maturity, it's much easier to interpret significant progress has been made if a goal was to "build X thing," and it is built, than say, more deeply understanding users problems (though this might be a poorly framed goal on its own). Building just "feels" more significant without context.

All this said, I'd love to hear other folks' recommendations for how they approach voting on progress.