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christianbrown · 20d ago

That's super fair. If I'm being honest, I worry about neglecting the community to focus on building the software. Although we're a community, most of these founders are looking for some tangible value - we're trying to keep their attention with product lol

christianbrown · 24d ago


We built a skill trading platform to help founders with issues just like this. You can trade your skills for technical help and we've seen skill trading lead to gig hires, part-time and full-time hires, and even cofounder discovery.

Check us out and let me know if it works too:

christianbrown · 29d ago

This looks cool. I'm signing up now.

christianbrown · 207d ago

We're going through it now too. My feedback is hand to hand combat until you've found absolute product market fit. Firstly, because you engaged on Pioneer, I checked out your site -- simple as that.

Secondly, have more conversations about the problem you're trying to solve. Have more conversations with the people who you're solving the problem for. Have more conversations on the behalf of your community.

To answer your question more directly and tactically, do it all. Write traditional blog posts and share them. Also, just hangout in more areas and where conversations around your community are relevant to your service and add real good bro vibes.