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carlosraul · 28d ago

Thank you for your feedback, John!

carlosraul · 28d ago

Hey Lorenzo, thank you for your feedback. It's pretty cool what you are doing. We can definitely talk about a potential partnership. Let me know what's the best way to contact you. My email is

carlosraul · 28d ago

Thank you so much for your feedback, Marvin!

carlosraul · 28d ago

Great insights! All of that makes a lot of sense.

carlosraul · 28d ago

Totally agree! That's what's matter the most! :-)

carlosraul · 29d ago

Interesting observation. That was what I thought you meant to say, although I'm doubtful to agree with you. It would be sad if that was the case. I don't see anything about age in the tournament rules and I don't think it is fair, especially if it is not clearly stated so everyone knows. Great ideas, well-executed are not necessarily associated with age, gender, etc. So I'll keep thinking they don't give much weight to that when picking winners. Thank you for your feedback on our project, by the way. Best of luck to you.

carlosraul · 29d ago

Hey Marvin, thank you for your feedback. Not sure what you mean by the 19-20 years old ambitious players? Can you elaborate a little bit more, please?

carlosraul · 39d ago

Hi Andrew,

That's a great start, although that list can go on and on depending on a lot of factors such as the market you are going after, the kind of product you are building, the business model, the capital required to get it to the next fundable milestone and more.

I'd definitely include there:

1. Competitors analysis & competitive advantages.

2. Show some sort of traction. If you are not generating revenue yet, it'd be a great idea to show how people are using your product, how many of them are active, how it solves their problems, etc. Sometimes it is just needed to prove that what you built is something some people visibly love.

3. Go to market. Investors normally will need to see the channels you are using to acquire customers on a rolling basis, and how you can discover and get into more channels after securing some funding. That way they can see a clear path to growth after the capital injection.

4. Projections. Even though it is important not to become delusional here, it is important to have big expectations on how your vision can be materialized into the world and your business can become a huge success. This not only get investors excited but if well played out, it could show the size of your ambition and goals in a more clear way. Ideally, investors will need your business to become a $100M+ in ARR.

5. Use of Funds. It is very important to show them how you plan to spend their money. How this money is going to get your business to the next level. How you are going to spend it. i.e Marketing, Product Development (Engineering and Design), PR and brand awareness, Infrastructure, Legal, Customer Support, etc.

There are many great articles about this. I'd recommend you to dig deeper into these 2 websites/blogs/youtube channels.

a) Slidebean (
b) This Week in Startups (

Best luck!