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caendesilva · 27d ago

You can do ten pairs of two reviews each. So 20 reviews total. But you only get "participation" rewards (up to 50pts/week) for the first five pairs. So ten per pair. But you can get additional points for each individual feedback that gets upvoted.

caendesilva · 47d ago

I got an invite shortly after I placed in global top 50.

caendesilva · 71d ago

Yeah, this is rather common practise, especially when exchanging for digital currency as you mention. For intangible goods like coins or tokens in a game it doesn't really cost the developers anything extra to mint them. For example, in a farming game, it doesn't directly matter if you get 2000 digital seeds or 10 000 (*not considering the relation to user retention) so it makes sense to exponentially inflate the rewards. However, (without being super familiar with your product), your artists like you mention would get a worse deal. In that case it may make more sense for you as the company to cover that difference. The artists still get the same amount per transaction. You get less, however you'll calculate it so that you make the difference up with the increased spends.

caendesilva · 76d ago

Thank you! And yup, there are no signups. Anyone can download the core product for free on GitHub without needing a signup. Here's a link if you want to take a look :)

caendesilva · 81d ago

Got some great feedback, so will update the page. Here is the old one if anyone wants to compare

caendesilva · 81d ago

This is really helpful, especially about the colour scheme as my monitor doesn't show colours very well. Thank you so much!

caendesilva · 88d ago

I was actually thinking about this the other day that I may need to go back to my original focus, creating a static site generator for Laravel developers, but that can then branch out in the future. Since I'm the only developer it's hard to keep focus on so many aspects. So I really want to thank you for this advice as it gives me confidence in something I was just thinking about.

caendesilva · 91d ago

Hi, sorry I missed this comment. I'll post the reply I sent to your email here so others can see :)

Right now there is no business model as it is free and open source. I want the core product to always be free and open source.

But I have ideas about related services that could be paid. For example, a SaaS that gives non-tech users a content management dashboard with included hosting. This is something I'd love to explore if I get selected to become a Pioneer.

caendesilva · 91d ago

To be fair, WooCommerce is actually one thing WordPress got right. I think it's actually the only complete e-commerce platform that is free and open source, and that actually works and is easy for small businesses to use. Though there are much better alternatives. (Selling single types of services/subscriptions, use Stripe, selling tangible products? try ecwid)

The thing is, your customers will never care what stack you use. They probably won't even notice it. All they want is a product that works. We spend so much time worrying about tech stacks. Even if you are not a developer I suggest you watch this video about just this topic:

One thing that is very nice with Laravel is that you design the database (granted that can be a drawback too). You can set up the database to be similar to the current WP one, and write some code to import your existing data. I don't think that should be that hard. Obviously don't do it on a production server. You can always run local copies and run the migrations there, then upload the SQL database to your host.

I think going with one of the first party starter kits can also give you a great headstart and save a lot of money. You know you will get quality, especially if you use something paid like Nova where you get actual support.

I hope this helps! Feel free to upvote my posts if they helped you :)

caendesilva · 91d ago

Ah I see! And yes, one thing that's cool with WP is that there are so many plugins. Unfortunately, those very same plugins are part of the reason WP can be so insecure. For V2 I would highly suggest Laravel. One thing I love about Laravel is the high quality first party features, like,, and