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bvest · 9d ago

This article and the term Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) might help:

"The trick with the MLP is that you focus on the most important features instead of the bare minimum expected from an app in the class, but you do those important features justice. That means making them not just operational and functional but also enjoyable and, therefore, decently designed. You need your early adopters to have an emotional reaction. It can be good or bad, but emotion spurs engagement."

A lot of people are in the same situation, where you have to build a lot more than originally thought.

bvest · 16d ago

Pushing through seems important. But I might try to combine it with this advice; slow down to speed up.

If I slow down my expectations, I can spend more time on quadrant II in the Stephen Covey time management matrix: important not urgency things.

For example, I should probably read more
stories while I work on writing them.

Since I haven’t been, I should check the procrastination equation. Sure enough, there’s expectancy and delay issues.

Reading stories feels less result oriented than other options. Therefore, it doesn’t get prioritized. That goes beyond the competition. It’s connected to the Inner Game of Tennis. It’s why I have to be explicit about occasionally prioritizing quadrant II.

bvest · 18d ago

That's a great point. Keeping with a group system is probably the best for now, even if I can't show visible receipts.

You post reminded me of something I was wrestling with today that might be relevant to others.

There's no way cheating the rock climbing just can't. The activity forces the accountability. I'm a group exercise person. I don't get the same level of workout without a group. Except with rock climbing. Rock climbing is different because the activity makes me accountable. I was reminded of that today. I wonder if all of us should be looking for the equivalent of the rock climbing walls with what we're building. Where the group system keeps us accountable and the activity itself.

bvest · 18d ago

Thank you for sharing your story! The community aspect is huge. I like seeing other people's progress. It's interesting to see projects over time.

bvest · 18d ago

That's awesome about the come back!

It's not a resource problem or a progress problem. It's a system problem. To move forward, I need to spend 2-3 months working primarily on something that I shouldn't make visible on a website. Without a way to verify it, it would be tempting to optimize for more visible progress. But that would be a distraction. I'm not working on a tech product so it makes sense I'm having this problem. Pioneer was good for phase 1 of this project. And maybe for phase 3. But I'm not sure it will be for phase 2, which is where I am now.

bvest · 21d ago

Thanks! I'll check it out.

bvest · 21d ago

Picture explanation, hope the link will work:

When companies use control talk (censor this, think this, do this) you get rising distrust because the original agreement has been violated.

For most companies, the classic customer agreement applies: the customer and company are equal. When you use leverage to screw with that agreement, you get distrust. When you get distrust, people start digging into privacy agreements.

As a company, you have to ask yourself, did someone agree to this relationship?

I agree for the doctor to use control talk on related to my health issues BUT I don't agree to his staff using their leverage as being the only provider in town to bully be into following a crazy admin procedure. Using leverage to bully customers sucks. It's not "insanely customer focused" as Steve Jobs put it.

Once you start using control talk that someone didn't agree to. You lose trust. And people will be MUCH less loyal. And be looking for other options. There has been a lot of control talk in 2020; people like me didn't agree to it so we're much less loyal.

bvest · 22d ago

Companies that put a focus on privacy needs while getting large market share might rise to unicorn status.

I’m seriously considering getting a VPN. As a non tech person, this seems ridiculous. VPN only entered my vocabulary this year. But there seems to be a need.

bvest · 22d ago

This essay might help understand the philosophy of what they're looking for.

bvest · 30d ago

I burn through it all at once. I give every pair around five to seven minutes so it takes a little over an hour. I’m not a expert in any of these subjects yet if you pretend to be a possible customer it’s helpful enough.

Also, change the framing. Going through the projects helps you as a builder.

Every day we see websites that are already built and perfect. It’s helpful to the building mindset to see a bunch of projects in process. It helps you not take things for granted.