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bukunmiadewumi · 51m ago

I see. Looks like everything is well planned then. Great!

bukunmiadewumi · 1h ago

I just checked the volunteers URL. I think you should enforce each volunteer to upload their profile photo during registration/KYC. Looks like that could add a personal feel that may help startups get recruitment more interesting or simply help their decision making whether they want a particular volunteer or not.

Logically your customers shouldn't decide in the basis of looks.. but sometimes emotional aspects like looks might give a stronger impression than logic or data (say the volunteer's description) and it gets funny how people sometimes get hired. Haha. Just my thoughts.

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bukunmiadewumi · 9h ago

Thank you @BrainSprays

bukunmiadewumi · 9h ago

Thank you Manoj,

This was my initial thought about the startup I'm building. Yeah, just looking fundamentally at how long the projection has to be, in terms of duration. Tho I understand that there is no one-size-fits all way of doing this yet I feel like it makes sense for a startup founder to at least have something in mind as a 'possible' default in terms of 'years'

So a few month ago, I had this accountant/SMB finance expert explained to me, trying to convince me that it doesn't quite makes sense to project up to 5 years as that would look bogus and almost unrealistic to potential investors when you are a startup with no revenue just yet. While he believed 2 year projection for a startup is optimum, max. should be 3 years.

I think the balance between bogusness and realistic goals that are actually achievable is required. I'm not gonna be making a 5 year long financial projections anymore as I was initially confused with a financial statement sent
to me by an equity agency or so (Marquee equity). Not blaming them tho, might just be a place holder or template for me to go through. Rather than trying to fit it into our startup). Was all wrong.

Eventually I might want to straight up do a 1st year or 2nd year detailed projection. If that makes sense, then project to 3rd year max and see how the data plays out. Else, 2 years is okay.

bukunmiadewumi · 9h ago

Thank you @Manoj

bukunmiadewumi · 14d ago

Same here @manojranaweera I enjoyed it too.

bukunmiadewumi · 16d ago


Hope that helps.

bukunmiadewumi · 18d ago

As a bootstrapped project, now I use Yandex mail to configure all domain emails. With Yandex mail, you get up to 1000 domain emails for free, and you are able to assign people into roles, teams from the backend without necessarily have to host your entire website on their server. Just their MX records, SPF, DKIM and verification code gets in your DNS record.

I do set emails for all my coworkers and provide each of them with a login credential officially as a team member. All done on Yandex admin. I don't worry about this, it's fine.

I started off with Zoho mail back in my early years of freelancing but Zoho has limited free plan.

bukunmiadewumi · 24d ago

Good points to consider. Thanks

bukunmiadewumi · 25d ago

Not that hard I think. The platform from which you go look for volunteers would also depend on your business model and the tasks you want these volunteers to do. There is no one-size-fits-all platform for finding volunteers. I think @manojranaweera of Skilleduplife is building a startup where you can actually get volunteers for a little fee maybe.

I had success with Linkedin actually, I pitched a volunteer copy to about 200 young people whose profile looked like they really love what they do. I shared a google form link as a call to action at the end of the Volunteer pitch. It's about what they can expect of this project and I stated outrightly that no financial remuneration can be expected within the first 6 to 12 months of joining this project at least. You may want to refer to the form for reference https://i.imgur.com/pi0br8y.png

Some disagreed and left me, while others embraced it as an opportunity to BUILD stuff together, connect, and learn. Now we are a team of 5 (should be 6 but one left us), each person in their own domain of expertise. 1 Developer, 2 UX/UI designers, 1 chartered accountant, me Project manager, digital marketer and web designer and of course the founder.

People who declined my offer, I didn't persuade them to not leave. I moved on because I didn't want to pressurize anyone as that may become the negative norm should I hired them as full-time workers in my company eventually. I was looking for people who are naturally motivated even without some kind of external reward.

These are the people I would like to work with, those who see longevity and are not in for a get-rich-quick scheme sort of. 'cause that's essentially a flawed state of mind/assumption here.

You have to build prospects and excitement about your project but don't overdo it to the point it starts to look like an exaggeration.

One of my volunteers is already in as a potential Senior UI/UX designer as she's got experience and love designing a lot. I mean A LOT. She's done with almost 20 screens of our application (iOS and Android) using Figma.

I was so impressed that someone could actually work this much without a penny? Now, she's got a BIG status (more than an employee) on my list of long term coworkers should she keep the vibes up after a successful launch ..because I also understand that launching doesn't mean relaxation or some chill pill. It's a huge work that would just begin.

One way I had kept them connected and motivated is relentless efforts and seriousness on my part too. I mean my initial investments, website, server, VPS, data and all the configuration to put things in place technically speaks for itself. Happily, I have started to reward hardworking volunteers with a free internet data subscription (11 GB to 20GB depending on their device: WIFI dongle or iOS or Android) as I could afford here in Nigeria, a few days ago.

I wish you good luck.