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bukunmi · 293d ago

I second this.

bukunmi · 293d ago

I rant about this same issue too. And my post probably went into oblivion. It got removed sadly that sucks.

At least give people the option to choose between text and voice.

bukunmi · 294d ago

Why not let us have the option to use one over the other if we wish to? I prefer the text feedback to voice. That's just me.

bukunmi · 310d ago

That's great, glad you found it useful. By the way, I am working on PayJa, you could leverage it for your fundraising, I will support you.

Please do signup and start a fundraiser for free:

bukunmi · 314d ago

It looks like your website is very slow to load. Have you considered optimizing the loading speed? Overall, the design is a good fit for the purpose.

One more thing, how will you transfer your users from the social media to the website? You have to be careful to not lose your users. I would suggest: optimize for website speed and refer customers to purchase a product by giving them a direct link to your product already negotiated (not the landing page URL) unless you haven't negotiate and just wanted to let the website build your credibility with first time prospects.

bukunmi · 313d ago

Very much helpful for me too!

bukunmi · 315d ago

Just now, I found an objective calculator recommended for founders equity split. It is called the dynamic model and that makes sense to me.


bukunmi · 315d ago

Thank you.

bukunmi · 315d ago

Thank you Ken, I have made up my mind and will do the split properly. Yes, she's great at what she does- Designing, Prototyping, and wireframing. And such skills quickly helped us plan the mobile app well. I have now added her in Pioneer as my co-founder.