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brandon · 540d ago

Nice. Typically don't go for the galaxy brain quotes.. my refocusing mechanism is a nice long run. Ideal if cold outside.

brandon · 768d ago

Nice find!

brandon · 787d ago

I have mixed feelings on this:

Say you are 14, and plan to go to college at 18. You have 4-5 years, an equivalent length of time to many graduate students or postdocs. Use this time to pick a significant project and make real progress.

Pick one project and work on it for at least one year. Pick a research question appropriate for a graduate rotation student in a lab, if applicable. Discriminate between projects ‘for show’ and work that you truly find good and original.

Ambitious teenagers should _build_. But I think the likelihood of someone picking the right thing to work on that early is low. I'd encourage them to jump around quite a lot. Build, but keep exploring.

brandon · 789d ago

Talk to your users, and really listen to them! There may not be a time again for a while where they're as interested and responsive.

My only counterintuitive tip might be to not worry too much about anything except for the most pernicious bugs :-)

brandon · 789d ago

Got it! Again, I might not be the right audience, but even trying to put myself in the shoes of one of those mainstream users, I have trouble imagining seeing the landing page and immediately thinking "ah yes! I want this!"

One option could be to pick one of those use cases (perhaps whichever is the largest opportunity) and make the value much more explicit.

brandon · 791d ago

Who's your ideal user? Could you describe an example of how Medici solves a problem for that ideal user? I'm US-based and not particularly into crypto, though might be more obvious to someone who is.

(Btw, minor typo in this sentence "Under the hood, these digital assets are lended out and you and start earning interest right away.")

brandon · 795d ago

The only thing that matters for a new startup: product-market fit A Marc Andreessen classic.