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benjamin_a · 458d ago

There are not a lot of guidelines for voting - so the impact of KPIs probably depends on the voter. For example, I personally do not give very much attention to their KPIs and focus mostly on their goals/progress instead. But I will definitely give points to those who set very ambitious KPIs and reach them/almost reach them ("talked to 45/50 users this month). However I do not generally give points for KPIs that were reached but do not seem very impressive ("talked to 5/3 users this month").

Ultimately, KPI goals don't really matter much as it's progress itself that is more important - if someone went from 20%-40% progress on their long-term KPI this week whereas someone else only went from 80%-90% progress on theirs, I will usually vote for the person who made 20% progress above the other person, assuming their weekly progress on other things is roughly equivalent.

benjamin_a · 459d ago

As either people have pointed out, building is definitely not the easiest part for most startups, and many startups actually don't focus on it enough in my opinion. Someone at YC once said something like "the only two things you should be doing now are coding and talking to users" which I think is true. Everything else - marketing, finding PMF, etc. becomes easier when you have a working MVP and real potential users to interview.

benjamin_a · 459d ago is what you get when you win the tournament, which is what I assume you mean by "get selected by an expert"

benjamin_a · 470d ago

Isn't this what most consulting businesses/services do?? How is your product really any different than a consulting business?

benjamin_a · 476d ago

It has a lot of good tips but is very opinionated and some parts aren’t always true.

For example: “ Monolithic architecture is better than micro-services” is sometimes true because it can cut down on complexity, but often times it can actually increase complexity because the app becomes so big and convoluted. Also, there can sometimes be times when breaking modules down can actually increase security (for example, let’s say a hacker breaks into one module/server but it’s no use without having data from another service). There are pros and cons.

Also, “ Do not offer username/password login options” is bad advice because there are companies like Auth0 that provide auth SaaS you can use to securely implement authentication in a way that won’t potentially cause you to lose users, like skipping it altogether might.

If you want to make your app secure you need to do a lot more research than just following these procedures. They are helpful but won’t really do much if your app itself is insecure. A good thing to do if you have the budget is hire a freelance pentester, for example.

benjamin_a · 485d ago

GitHub's globe is even cooler than Stripe's

benjamin_a · 492d ago

Definitely not. Grow your newsletter naturally/organically, don't steal emails that you don't have permission to use and will likely lower your reputation/skew your metrics.

benjamin_a · 492d ago

This made me laugh

benjamin_a · 495d ago

The important thing is just to choose any random language that looks fun and easy (it should be from the top 10 at least) and GET CODING. At the beginner stage that's all that matters, just following tutorials and learning the basic concepts. Once you get comfortable with ANY top language you will have gained enough experience to make a more educated decision about which language to focus on, and everything you learn at that stage will be transferable to the new language.