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benjamin_ · 5d ago

GitHub's globe is even cooler than Stripe's

benjamin_ · 12d ago

Definitely not. Grow your newsletter naturally/organically, don't steal emails that you don't have permission to use and will likely lower your reputation/skew your metrics.

benjamin_ · 12d ago

This made me laugh

benjamin_ · 15d ago

The important thing is just to choose any random language that looks fun and easy (it should be from the top 10 at least) and GET CODING. At the beginner stage that's all that matters, just following tutorials and learning the basic concepts. Once you get comfortable with ANY top language you will have gained enough experience to make a more educated decision about which language to focus on, and everything you learn at that stage will be transferable to the new language.

benjamin_ · 16d ago

Yes, I feel that that phrase, while definitely true, is used as an excuse for laziness all too often.