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beng · 360d ago

This is a fantastic piece. For anyone reading, check out these demos linked in the article. They illustrate how to get your point of cross in a visual, interactive way that boring ads do not.

- US Debt Clock:
- You are Jeff Bezos:

beng · 845d ago

All within slack.

You should probably capitalize Slack on your landing page?

Also, is Slack the right medium for this? Wonder if you could get more creative here. So many Slackbots these days.

beng · 850d ago

You might want to spruce up your font choice. Times New Roman makes this seem illegitimate.

beng · 850d ago

The "Recipes you can use" section of your homepage is the strongest part. I'd figure out how to make that more central.

beng · 850d ago

Would be great to get rewards based on achieving certain levels of savings. (Even cash rewards, paradoxically. I'm sure you could make the numbers work.)

beng · 850d ago

How is this different from something like