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basanth · 323d ago

Oh shoot, looks like a recent deployment broke the carousel for the English version. I did not notice this yesterday, thank you for pointing it! I will fix this soon. There are definitely more images :D you should be able to see them on the Kannada or Hindi version of the page.

I know this seems unusual compared to the US or other developed countries, but most stores in India already deliver for free today to their existing customers, so we're a technology provider who connects the existing store logistics and gives them more opportunities. Otherwise, customers usually resort to paid delivery apps like the Instakart or Postmates equivalent in India.

I have not measured a proper conversion ratio yet, but I've placed the campaign sources now to track the conversion. Off the top, I can tell that the conversion is very low because I see a lot of visitors on the site but very few installs.

We're still in the early stages and are testing multiple iterations of the app with 10 stores of various sizes and categories in Bangalore. Still a long road ahead to reach PMF.

Thank you for your time and feedback, I truly appreciate it :)

basanth · 325d ago

Hello buddy! Thanks for doing this. Please let me know your thoughts on

basanth · 364d ago

Congrats guys!

basanth · 365d ago

I see, sounds cool. I see YC using this GTM strategy, YC alums also list their deals for startup school founders. So It make sense for pioneer to probably try it eventually when there are enough pioneer-companies. We will also open up ShopEG eventually as a distribution channel.

basanth · 365d ago

Hedging on multiple ideas i see :P So in terms of CAC if I'm not on digital advertising then I'd look at the effort of time spent by my team and/me on spreading the word/sales and maybe do a periodic review of time spent (putting a price on time) and number of customer acquired. I'm doing offline door to door outreach to our shop keepers. So i think that's how i should be calculating CAC, not sure if it's really the right way but i'm simply reasoning from the basics..

basanth · 367d ago


basanth · 371d ago

Not sure if you're open to connecting with folks who're building for India. We're building, I was going to drop my twitter username but looks like you've decided to leave twitter about an hour ago :D

basanth · 375d ago

Sure! (but i don't have a clubhouse invite)

basanth · 377d ago

We're a marketplace that's starting out: Customers order directly from their nearest store for free same-day delivery or pickup (like postmates/doordash/instakart but the stores deliver it themselves). This is a new product for our user base, especially for the stores/shops. We're focusing on one zipcode (where i stay) with a couple of shops who are very much willing to use the app. In terms of reaching out to customers: We're asking the shopkeepers to share their shop link to their customers which will make them download the app so that they can place the order, We're also going to share flyers to a newspaper delivery agency who will insert the flyers in newspaper that will be distributed in the zipcode I stay in. Would you suggest any other way we could maximize our reach to everyone in my zipcode? The other way I can think of is going door to door and hand the flyers out (but that's more of a brute force way and it's hard to scale).

(Also please review our landing page! Thank you!)