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We're also in this position. Though we may have one more thing to show, pioneer has distracted from more fundamental things we need to do that are long term and are less visible plus sacrificed at least one day a week of gaming time with our community. It's not an efficient part of the fundraising process at all and that's a factor · 381d ago

Thats awesome man. Yeah I'm trying to do the biggest part of this challenge 5 day tour on the last day, that will be my pioneer feedback ask this week along with posting in here. Didnt know another Pioneer was there, would be nice to arrange :) They are technically open and Thailand has dropped all country restrictions too just today. Just have to do the quarantine · 391d ago . Partner Eric Bahn apparently doesnt even look at early products most of the time as they usually suck and arent an accurate measure of the team usually according to him. Learns more from committing some money and seeing how team works and how they can help out. They can cut the check from the deck alone. Given the sheer volume they have to do, I can kind of understand but I wouldnt ever want to invest like this myself personally · 392d ago

Amazing story. Looked into your Twitter. "Never waste a good crisis" however it's like a cheat code and doesn't tell you how much your app would be in demand under more normal and peaceful circumstances. Remember it's a marathon and not a sprint but very well done. Don't forget where the real war is besides the one you see in the real world unfortunately · 406d ago

Update: I still cant see the submission but apparently others did see it based on the feedback given that i didnt mention the US incorp stuff in here also · 415d ago

Outside of friends and family, Reddit as well as a tech park's assistance to share their booth at PAX South where we also got a list of free signups on top. We learned that way that the cost of doing conventions REALLY isnt worth it in most cases unless you have mainstream press lined up for coverage. My cofounder told me the staggering amounts Razer spent at places like Gamescon and how little they got back in return but they chalked that expense up to the cost of maintaining their brand profile. Nice if you can afford it I suppose. · 415d ago

Quite like this approach and I think many here are already doing it. The problem is that even if you have something that makes sense to pursue, you may not have TEAM/FOUNDER fit or maybe you do but you dont have the strongest value add proposition or life direction alignment to be the one doing it. There are many more who fail at doing something purely based on numbers or market/industry potential but dont have any motivation beyond money or value add themselves. Maybe they'll do it when business is good but they have nothing in themselves to keep working on it when times are bad or to scale it to be the best in its industry. In both cases I find the ingredient x to be the same.

Where there is a good team/problem fit alignment what I find is that the reasons for failure are usually 1) not enough capital 2) not enough competitiveness/hunger 3) market size may not be big enough (which is what they're getting at)

The money motivated guys will almost always fail though even if they have everything going for them because they'll always be the first ones to quit or slack because of that. · 421d ago

Continually focused on self progression/advancement vs things like socialization, sex, showing off/fronting etc while.. shall we say less intellectually gifted people have nothing better to do but pop out more kids and thus diminishing even further the time that they have for self improvement.

Theres a misconception that we're "just" gaming or gaming events startup that mainly comes from others' pre-assumptions when they hear gaming whereas it's in the name, Balance. Implying that really we're for people who also concerned with real life progress/achievement where gaming just happens to also be our fave hobby/lifestyle and yes, an intelligent one lol

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The difference between this and Thefunded is that it reviews the individuals behind the firms, angels etc. Great link! · 443d ago

oh those werent the flaws I was primarily referring to