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Option B is to just make a great product, get user love enough that theyd want to find you instead and a one sheet would suffice. Id have loved for pioneer to go all the way with the potential of this setup but it's likely just an evolved VC waste of time. Especially when it seems that maybe no one's ever gotten the $1m · 6d ago

We're doing something similar too, doing OTP / sponsors as a subsitute for angel funding to build what we need to get into MRR. It just seems no one else can understand this and everyone is stuck turning startups into SaaS or nothing >< yeah in our case the deals could be pure profit / better than a year's worth of MRR if we pull in angel money as well which couldnt hurt in these pandemic days · 8d ago

Haha no that was be overkill. I use notepad for todos outside of code. That's what I meant.

Pivotal tracker can be good for tracking code issues if that's what you meant · 9d ago

If you're a lone founder, keep it simple. Todo list is fine. Once you add your first teammate, start creating a proper structure around something like Earlier you do it, the more it'll pay off in team efficiency later :) · 9d ago

lol I know, it might just be family visit. I was originally Malaysian. But also for what I'm doing, SG isnt that much more helpful. For gaming, there is only e-sports here, in my world e-sports is only like 10% of the market although we've ended up doing it as an alternative back up plan / extra profit to fundraising. Havent met anyone, let alone investors that really get the concept. Some here do and its a fairly "enlightened" concept to grasp even by western standards, but most of the feedback here has been "sorry I'm not a gamer". Some of those have been decent. We'll have completely different concept, marketing and image for SEA vs Western countries eventually if I'm still around for the SEA market in the long run

For gaming it seems this is one of a small handful of things Malaysia hasn't screwed up and is better than just about all of SEA at. Thats not saying all that much :) · 9d ago

This should be the biggest thing to start nailing them to a cross on. "Experts" should at least give one line notes. For us they don't seem to have anyone that knows anything about gaming and it seems gaming doesn't crossover anymore with in today's SF hipster tech world

Also what you're doing has some big market potential but they won't have a clue about SEA culture or the market. They pretty much look like a typical SF bubble

Something like Pioneer is even more important and could be more impactful than YC. I think already these initial batches are far better than what YC had to start with. It they need to start treating it this way

PS might be on Malaysia in September depending on how quarantine and MCO goes. I'm also 50/50 on relocating to Malaysia in part because MDEC is far more supportive of gaming while the equivalent in Thailand doesn't even support their own devs. Might consider a Pioneer meetup :) · 15d ago

Btw I sent you an email. Zaner is still interested in you guys :) did you get it? · 16d ago

I can extend our benefits package for financial industry/fintech/gamedevs + standard free entry to Pioneers as well. We're still taking signups and getting ready to go again in 1-2 weeks if any of you are fighting game fans :) · 22d ago

Thanks, this will be useful since we need to onramp the professionals who are also gamers :) its depressing theres so little overlap these days with the new breed of SV hipsters when in the old days it was a given that nerds would be into video games lol · 22d ago

its possible but deep tech funds are outnumbered by all the other comparatively dumb money 10 to 1 :)