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bababab · 463d ago

bababab · 463d ago

Most Pioneer projects I've seen don't yet have PMF so if you do you actually seem ahead of the curve. I have friends that have won Pioneer without a launched product.

bababab · 469d ago

GPT-3 can definitely parse unstructured data; here's an example straight from the OpenAI playground. The bold text is the prompted input and the unbolded text is the GPT-3 output:

bababab · 471d ago

Awesome - Emailed you.

bababab · 475d ago

I agree with you technical achievement is often harder to communicate progress about.

My project is still in product development phase so all of my progress updates are based on technical achievements (i.e., what I was able to implement that week). So far I've found the best way to communicate this sort of progress is to be specific about the features I plan to implement in the coming week (e.g., this week I'm working on adding keyboard shortcuts to my web app so the user can use copy, cut, paste, etc.) and then taking screen videos of using that feature after it's implemented.

In general I think it's important to be as concrete and specific as possible. Sometimes you're unable to do a screen recording demonstration for technical achievement, such as when you need to do an important code refactoring, but even for an example like that one could include specific figures such as 'refactored XXX class from 200 lines of code to 150 lines of code' or 'reduced a dependency on X external libraries', etc.

Help the voters understand the progress you're making. I've also found as a solo-founder that the more specific I am about my progress, the easier it becomes to keep myself accountable .

bababab · 475d ago

What was unclear about that user's response? She made a specific statement