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atifali · 544d ago

That was kind of bound to happen at some point!

atifali · 551d ago

This is a very underrated question (within the startup world and innovation in general) but how do you financially sustain yourself while experimenting with ideas that won't really pay right away? Things like Thiel Fellowship help, but for a person who is trying to just break out of the mold and is in the very beginning it is sometimes very hard to get into these groups (which kind of feels like Ivy League schools at this point). What would be your suggestion for people like that? Do you think having a person (parents/siblings/partners) to support you financially gives you a great advantage in general?

atifali · 555d ago

I think looking for problems is the best way to find some nice insights for "side projects"!

atifali · 562d ago

Keep going mate! We are all here for you :)

atifali · 574d ago

Indeed I am experiencing that first hand, since from the get go you need more money to even make the first mock-up. But I guess keeping at it is the key :)

atifali · 576d ago

I think getting opinion from the wider pioneer community is fine, but in a way I do think that some kind of collaboration within these clusters could be very useful. So maybe like having a weekly short chat session between founders in the same industry (like the Pioneer chat, but more focused on the industry) would be useful.