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ashwinsk · 3d ago

Its definitely a big problem. The whole system here incentivizes positive over realistic feedback. The worst part is that the person we're reviewing is in charge of determining whether a review is good or not (evident from the downvote button).

The best way to solve this issue is to keep progress updates out of the points system scope. By keeping it optional, we'll be able to see just the people who actually want to get some solid feedback.

ashwinsk · 9d ago

I mean it wasn't much of a surprise.

ashwinsk · 19d ago

Its more like those peer graded quizzes we used to have. You gotta have no enemies and maintain a great rapport with everyone in hopes that they do you a solid and tip the scales in your favor. (why am I still salty lol)

ashwinsk · 24d ago

Yep, definitely wondering how some of the top groups stay there, but I guess that's always an intrigue for us below. I'm gonna continue the good work and see what happens. Hopefully the algo favors me!

ashwinsk · 24d ago

I guess it is. Maybe I'm just a bit competitive here and am ranting like a gamer. I guess i'll get back to it and the results will come!

ashwinsk · 19d ago

Yep. Let's get a post limiter in here. Maybe 1 post every 12 hours?

Edit: And a flag button too.

ashwinsk · 29d ago

Paper and a pencil. Can't go wrong there!

ashwinsk · 38d ago

True, I guess I'm just an enthusiast for using things that other people don't. *sob

ashwinsk · 38d ago

That owner link was exactly what I was looking for! Nice addition to your app! I've posted too.

ashwinsk · 40d ago

Thanks! I think I need to untangle that Van Halen tape again. Good ol times indeed!