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ashwinkumar · 193d ago

Thanks a lot!

ashwinkumar · 196d ago

Hey, I'm Ashwin, founder of AI to Write (
A knowledge base company (Document360) reached out to me to integrate my API into their product and offer it to their customers.
I'm working on this deal and also want to pursue other knowledge management companies like Notion, Nuclino, ZenDesk, and so on.

Any advice on how I can go about approaching these companies?

ashwinkumar · 321d ago

My recent favorites: 'The Interaction Field' by Erich Joachimsthaler and 'Average Joe' by Shawn Livermore.

ashwinkumar · 441d ago

Hey Daniel,

Recently pivoted from a web-based CMS to now building a VS code extension. Any feedback on the LP or the feature set is welcome:

Thanks a lot!

ashwinkumar · 490d ago

Really cool, thanks for sharing! A similar article I wrote -

ashwinkumar · 494d ago

Hi Daniel, I'd love feedback on my landing page -
This is a documentation tool for tech writers and engineers. Is specifically targeting open source a good niche to start with? Or, is it too narrow a focus and I should change it to enterprise technical documentation?