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ashwindeepak · 55d ago

If there are any other $5k creds you have, you can stack them up to $100k. If you use Mercury, they offer $5k in perks, check out F6S as well & have you applied for AWS Activate directly? I got $1k directly from Activate and another $5k from Mercury.

ashwindeepak · 65d ago

See? For our app, we just shared the perspective of the user & what they could do on it, no call to action or anything because our call to action was built in our app. If they want it, they know how to find it.

In the restaurant industry, a lot of places have their branding on their plates, and it's not by accident - when someone posts a picture of their food, guess who gets free advertising? Our product is something people would post just like food and, throughout the entire time they use it, they see our brand consistently, just like the plates. And sometimes, they may just take a picture :)

ashwindeepak · 65d ago

I think a lot of growth hacking has to be built in the product. Generally, people don't like ads. People feel the need to shill their company or product in their ads. That's a mistake, the best ads don't. The best ads get you excited, they resonate & most importantly, they are true.

People don't like being sold to and if you want to learn more about how to double your users in 24 hours, my ebook on effective marketing strategies is 50% off for the next 24 hours.

ashwindeepak · 76d ago

So glad to hear!

ashwindeepak · 76d ago

Not to be rude but, it's a personal experience :)

ashwindeepak · 76d ago

Personally, I don't think there's any harm with getting the book, and checking out if it's for you. If you like it, it will change your outlook on life - if you don't, you're out ~$15. So yes, I definitely think it's worth it if you liked the essay.

ashwindeepak · 77d ago

I agree with everything you say except the outcome bit. The question however, is what has been the most influential to you in making the leap to start a startup not what is wrong with the concept of self help.

What made you start a startup?

ashwindeepak · 77d ago

I grew up watching self help/motivational videos. I eventually became immune to them.

My guess would be you've had a similar experience, how else would you know this?

I respectfully disagree that you will always end up at square one. I didn't and my guess is that you didn't either.

What I speak about is inspiration mixed with action. Not just inspiration.

That's a bold statement implying that I'm not myself - and not an okay one either.

Let's end this here, have a good day.