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arthtyagi · 11d ago

The passive-aggressiveness makes you sound like a 13-year-old. No, I'm not exaggerating. "The world just won't understand me. I'm so special" vibe you got going on here.

Your product might be cool but how do you expect one to know about it when you barely make any info on your site accessible? At least, in two sentences, describe on your website what exactly your product does if you want people (it's a different story if you don't want people with simple minds like us to be saved via your life-saving product) to make the effort to contact you for the demo.
Maybe there are people contacting you, good job on that. But, don't you think that there would be more people who did that if all you did was added just a bit more info (read: INFO. cause there isn't any apart from an ambiguous diagram).

Also, if you feel like you've got a point, get better at presenting it in a manner that people will/might pay heed to.
Else, no one really cares nor do they have a reason to even if you are right on some level.

arthtyagi · 11d ago

Wow, who leaves like this fr? No- I'm genuinely curious. It's like I'm in a soap opera.

arthtyagi · 302d ago

If you give me a detailed review, there’s no way I’m going to spam it with a “Thank you” unless of course it’s just all about, “Doing great work blah blah blah”.

Second, there’s no incentive for me to “spam” it with a thank you whereas a spammer has a motivation to spam someone’s question (yes I ask for specific review) which is gaining more points. Just so you know, it’s completely optional to leave a review, but spammers do it anyway for the points.

I’m not sure how the point you made is valid by any extent. One actual spammer is exploiting for more points, the other “spammer” (the person just saying “thank you”) is doing it out of courtesy. The ground is not leveled by any means in your comparison.

arthtyagi · 306d ago

I use GA as well and that’s true, the numbers do take a big hit. Even Firefox without Adblock blocks GA so GA is one of the most useless liability of all times. You need to comply with the EU laws that GA by default requires.

If we're having to comply with EU GDPR laws, then at least we should use something like Mixpanel that could provide better analytics. And if you don’t want the hassle of complying with EU GDPR laws with the cookie banners and stuff, SimpleAnalytics and Plausible are great alternatives. Both of them are paid though.

However, they comply with EU GDPR laws and they aren't blocked by scripts, it includes a no script tag so your actual numbers won’t take a hit even if JS is disabled or Adblock is on.

If you come across any startup deal for either of them, it’d be great if you could share that. I’ll do the same if I come across any deals for them.

arthtyagi · 308d ago

Exactly my issue with these Pioneer updates. What’s more annoying is that they sit right within updates from startups and projects that are making actual progress and then we need to vote on either a robotics company that made progress and a guy with no landing page, it’s a bit weird.

Another thing, most people just do the reviews for the points so sometimes they won’t even look at your progress, they vote randomly and put in, “Great work, good luck!”. I’ve got this review multiple times and I always ask for feedback in that feedback field so I’m pretty sure they are just doing it for the points.

arthtyagi · 308d ago

That’s really inconvenient to be honest. I signed up with Twitter so I doubt I would share that. I could share the email-based login but then again, it’s inconvenient.

arthtyagi · 327d ago

I'm @arthtyagi.

Tweeting about my startup, opinions on things happening in the tech world, occasionally random tweets.

arthtyagi · 337d ago

Find devs to work or network with and cool projects to build together with other devs easily.

Short version : Helps you network with devs and build projects.