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Shared by andriabeal · 24d ago · 7 comments
andriabeal · 13d ago

haha, yeah I can see this being a thought of the investor... all about the stage of the company. I guess I better get to spending money on marketing and figuring out a number ASAP :P

andriabeal · 13d ago

Got it! Thanks for the feedback, I emailed you back as well!

andriabeal · 20d ago

Sorry for your loss, those decisions are never easy.

As for your question, I'm curious what you mean exactly... would you mind sending me an email to connect so I can learn more? ->

andriabeal · 24d ago

Hi, thanks for the feedback! Lots of people adopt pets and have no idea how old they are, this test is for them. When vet's guess the age of these animals, there are cases where their guesses are off by as much as 5 years, my test is accurate to within about 7months of the age. I'm working on edits to the website to help clarify some of this right now. Yes, I know how to calculate the CAC... I was just asked by investors what my CAC is and I told them I'm not sure yet and they said I needed to figure that out so I thought I would see if there is a way to at least estimate it before throwing money towards it. But it does make sense that I just need to go spend to find out. Thanks.

andriabeal · 35d ago

I'm a female founder and I like to play poker :) I'm located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, I feel like face to face events might do well in this area or Miami. Idea: To get more people who don't know how to play poker (possibly there are more women who don't know poker?) you could try to do newbie night or "no membership needed" try poker nights? So people can see if they like it and can learn to play.

andriabeal · 37d ago

Right off the bat... a thousand times better. It looks cleaner, more organized, and I like the color scheme. :)