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Your MVP should be the simplest thing you can build that lest you test your core assumptions. As an example we initially spent a lot of time building an MVP for our mobile app with around 80% functionality but it was difficult to get into the hands of users due to a lack of network effects, and didn't give us the validation we needed.

Turns out the best MVP for us was a Facebook group built on the same premise as our app. This reached a large number of users and allowed us to get a lot of really useful feedback (including destroying a couple of our assumptions) and build a much better product.

So the "product" in MVP doesn't have to mean "your product". It can be a landing page, spreadsheet, Facebook group or anything that helps you test and iterate quickly.

Get it out there as quickly as you can and get as much feedback as possible. Good luck! · 2d ago

We have one advisor currently who I targeted specifically and reached out to via Twitter. 0.5% equity for an open communication channel and advice when we need it.

Will likely follow a similar path soon as we want to add a couple more specialties.

I have always had good results connecting on AngelList also. · 3d ago

I think they update the scores in batches of 3 or 4. I notice each week that just after voting our rank moves around wildly a few times before settling. · 3d ago

Yeah as others have said we had a lot less feedback than usual and lower raw scores also, but it didn't seem to affect our ranking (we had a good week). I also thought the matches were a bit different than usual. · 11d ago

Slack (daily interaction )+ Notion (Wiki) + YouTrack (agile boards) · 25d ago

I'd add to this that in all the pairings I've seen they tend to be at similar stages. I've rarely (if at all) seen a well established startup matched against an absolute beginner, so it seems we do compete at our level and as you move up you get paired against better and better startups which is exactly as it should be. · 25d ago

Perhaps "rejected" was too strong a term :)

I'm referring to expert reviews and not being selected as a Pioneer. I'm interested to learn about the changes startups made between unsuccessful and successful expert reviews. · 39d ago

Yeah. I'm really interested in the Pioneer Airtable credits as we use it quite heavily. · 45d ago

I think it would be really motivating if they offered some extra benefit to the top 50 (perhaps after a number of weeks) even if you don't get selected. We're six weeks in and have been doing well (currently 55) and I commit probably 2-3hrs a week to Pioneer in trying to give good feedback and reply to all mine etc. I think it's important to be a good community member because you get out what you put in.

That said I can see it being a little disheartening if we were not selected a year later. I admin your endurance.

I think offering something like AWS credits or other deals or the chance to pitch investors would help keep morale high.