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There's a great framework from YC for speaking to customers here: · 22h ago

This kind of stuff would be great for other devs to hear. · 22h ago

Stuff gets drowned out on Frontier pretty quickly these days. Maybe pop it in your feedback request next week?

I haven't played it in years, but just hearing the intro gets me every time! · 1d ago

I really like this idea. I love the thought of building puzzles. I'm a huge fan of the old Broken Sword games with the classic point and click puzzle solving - I imagine creative types could do amazing things with Touchgram and the viral potential of people constantly 1-upping each other could be really exciting. Imagine if Zac King got on board. · 14d ago

Update to this. As you would probably expect, the higher open rates correlated almost exactly with higher response rates after a bit more testing. · 20d ago

Inconclusive at the moment because we made the mistake of changing two variables at once and sent a different email body along with the different subject line. · 15d ago

At the moment I don't believe so. We did the same thing and he just logged in with my account details. If you don't want to give you social login you can set up a unique Pioneer email login and password. · 18d ago

Great job Pradeep, keep it up. From my experience a lot of people don't read past slide 10-12 so aim for that range.

FYI we also secured our first investor meeting this largely due to our improved deck which is thanks to feedback from yourself and others. Looking forward to seeing more success for Highavenue too! · 20d ago

Yes 100%. I would strongly recommend completing as s great place to start. Good luck! · 21d ago

Outstanding news, well done team!