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Give them two options, one for free so you're not burning potential customers and one low one with maybe one or two extra features. Personally, if I really love something I'll subscribe to the lowest tier even if the free tier is sufficient just to show support - as long as it's not too much. · 7d ago

As soon as they are willing to pay. · 27d ago

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This is cool. Just missing one! · 30d ago

Hi team, Andrew from here.

We're building a mobile app that connects introverts in real life through shared interests, values and stage of life. Would love any feedback/first impressions on the product itself.


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"Hey there, Great idea, definitely. Amputation is hard."

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It wouldn't work for me so I wasn't even able to vote. Plus as you have mentioned almost impossible to leave useful links which to me is one of the best ways to add value to feedback.