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Recent comments · 6h ago - Miit is a mobile app that makes it easier to meet new people in your area that share your interests, values and stage of life. We're trying to use social media tools to better match people with each other , not match them with ads -> · 3d ago

Would love to be a part of this also · 8h ago

- sales & persuasion
- coding
- social media/digital marketing & understanding the algorithms etc · 8h ago

My guess is the Pionieer team is like a lot like us and enjoy getting feedback from their users. They seem to be experimenting and iterating too. As founders we get a lot out of the platform from both the community and Pioneer themselves so I see it as giving back in a way. · 4d ago

If anyone @Pioneer is listening, I think pinning this post to the top of Frontier will encourage even more engagement rather than letting it get lost to history · 8d ago

My take is that the game is designed to replicate the reality of the startup/fundraising environment. Every Monday we get a little taste of what VC's see every day - dozens of pitches with very little time to perform in-depth analysis and needing to make a decision to pass or promote. They have to look at the limited information that we do: landing pages, clarity around the idea/description, basic metrics, trajectory, ability to do what you say you're going to do.

So by optimising for players to succeed in the game they're also optimising for players to succeed out in the wild.

Just my two cents. · 10d ago

From my research that seemed like industry standard and something that would be viewed favourably by potential investors. · 10d ago

I think they probably want someone familiar with you in real life but sure if you want to. As long as you also put me down as "an entrepreneur they should meet" :) · 10d ago

Good luck!