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Hi team, Andrew from here.

We're building a mobile app that connects introverts in real life through shared interests, values and stage of life. Would love any feedback/first impressions on the product itself.


Thanks! · 133d ago

We've done it a couple of times. It's not really any different to building a team post funding except for the compensation you're offering.

Approach it the same way you would applying to join an accelerator like YC. Email me at if you want specifics. · 168d ago

Hard to say for sure as there's not a lot of feedback from the expert reviews but if I were to guess:

1. Lack of revenue or potential for revenue in the near term.
2. Lack of significant traction (we're still working out our product offering & market-fit).
3. We're in a segment that has been tried and failed in hundreds of times = miniscule chance of success (but big pay off if you do). · 168d ago

Thanks mate appreciated. · 168d ago

19 months for me · 175d ago

Give them two options, one for free so you're not burning potential customers and one low one with maybe one or two extra features. Personally, if I really love something I'll subscribe to the lowest tier even if the free tier is sufficient just to show support - as long as it's not too much. · 176d ago

As soon as they are willing to pay. · 196d ago

The important one · 196d ago

This is cool. Just missing one!