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Like Andy said, we have a four year vesting schedule with a 12 month cliff.

Here is a template for anyone who wants it: · 35d ago

Yeah I second Manoj. I think Whatsapp is a good solution for asynchronous chat and could use Clubhouse or even Twitter spaces for group chats. At least until we release groups for Miit. · 41d ago

A lot of great advice on what makes a great startup. Though it's a masterclass on Angel investing, it cuts to the bone of things founders should and shouldn't spend their time on. I've read it three times. · 42d ago

Angel - Jason Calacanis
Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely
Zero to One - Peter Thiel
Smart Faster Better - Charles Duhigg · 46d ago

This is the correct answer! Well done Erik and team. · 55d ago

That's awesome man, congrats on reaching that milestone! · 55d ago

58th out of the gate is good because you likely haven't had points for favorite feedback yet. Still a chance to move up! That's why it changes throughout the week btw, because people get points from favorited feedback all through the week. I count mine at the end of the week for that reason, but I think Pioneer counts it as soon as voting stops because that's when you get the email if they are going to review you.

By the way, we had one of those weeks this week when we got slammed (7 down & only 3 up) even though we had a pretty good update and built two whole features. So it happens to everyone. Keep grinding buddy.

Groups (or communities as we call them) are absolutely going to be a huge part of Miit. We want to consolidate our user base after this next release but it's definitely on the road map before the end of the year. · 56d ago

Hi Manoj, congrats on your anniversary and awesome job getting your highest ranking so far! Keep going, this could be the week you break the top 50. If I can be of any assistance with your weekly update to get you there please let me know. We also hit our peak last week btw. To answer your questions:

1. This is my 58th week in the tournament.

2. Yes. It keeps me accountable for making progress each week. I'm also learning every week from feedback received and tweaking Miit accordingly. Some weeks there are big insights (we had one last week around messaging). Plus I'm an expert at delivering concise weekly updates now not just for the tournament but for stakeholders as well.

3. It depends how you define growth. For us we've gained a few new users from Pioneer, but it's been incredibly useful in improving our product, website, pitch deck, elevator pitch, branding, messaging and answering questions thrown by potential investors.

4. Make it part of your weekly routine and streamline the process, it will make you a more efficient and effective founder.

Good luck this week, rooting for you to crack top 50! · 55d ago

Slow. We lost our CTO so have been learning to code while building out the features our customers have told us are the most important. We've got some real velocity now though so big update release set to drop this week. · 56d ago

Miit was originally conceptualized as a travel app to help new travelers get 'local knowledge' about their destination. As I realized how hard it is to scale travel I started thinking of ways to connect travelers to fellow travelers and locals organically. Then I realized those same concepts could be applied to connecting people in real life every day, and discovered there was a huge need for it.