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alexshevchenko · 841d ago

I agree with baristaGeek, you should strive to develop this in house and not rely on outsourcing it.
What happens when there's a bug? Who's going to be fixing them and assuring that everything is running smoothly?
The technical cofounder should be in charge of all of that.

alexshevchenko · 841d ago

Great question.
We provide a pure software service and do not sell any hardware.
Currently we integrate with all cameras that don't put you in a vendor lock (like ring does).
That means if you have and ip address/rtsp link for your camera then we can connect with it.
This represents most "old school"/industrial cameras like Axis, Defender, HikVision etc.

We are working on integrating with ring and nest but it's complicated to do it because both Google and Amazon don't want third parties accessing the footage.

alexshevchenko · 841d ago

That is certainly a good point.
Our thinking was that Netflix asks for your credit card outright so we should do the same.
We will be changing that quite soon.
Thank you for the feedback :)

alexshevchenko · 841d ago

That would be a possibility, but currently our goal is more about giving cameras additional capabilities. We feel that anything that would integrate with emergency services would be complicated legally and would potentially give us liabilities. For now that is not something we will be pursuing. But thank you for the idea.

As for the bug, thank you, I was able to reproduce it and will address it as soon as possible.

alexshevchenko · 841d ago

Haha yes it was our favourite so we decided to use it as creative inspiration
We actually recently lowered the price to $5/month.
We need to charge quite high because of the server costs.

alexshevchenko · 846d ago

Have a way to import products you own from amazon orders or manually enter them, and then recommend based on those without showing what you already own.
Amazon is supposedly super good at recommending books, but it keeps showing me books that I already own.
Would be cool if your product had an awareness of things you already own.
This would apply to books, games, movies etc.

alexshevchenko · 850d ago

I've mentioned it before, but uploading files via s3 or scp would be nice. I just don't want to clog the 128gb of space on my poor macbook with a 30gb dataset that I have on my aws machine. Being able to scp from my aws instance to your service would help out a lot (and shouldn't be too hard to implement)