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alexgunnarson · 722d ago

You're one of the rare projects on Pioneer that not only made me go "wow, why has no one thought of this before?", but made me really excited to use it! My wife and I watch Rick Steves travel shows pretty often, and especially in a COVID-19 world, let alone with a baby, we're not going to do anything remotely interesting travel-wise for probably years. Your website looks beautiful and I signed up immediately. (Let me in please — I want to see Barcelona!)

We got accepted without ever getting rejected (blew my mind when I first saw the letter), so I can't help you there. But what I can say is, never let an external evaluator, no matter how prestigious (YC, Pioneer, Fancy VC Co. ®, etc.) get you down. At a fundamental level, their opinion doesn't matter. Treat it like a well-considered opinion worth your time to explore, not absolute truth. That goes either way, whether they endorse you or reject you. What matters is what your users think. If they love you, nothing else matters. If they love you, you've already won Pioneer and all the other startup competitions there are.

In terms of increasing the likelihood, my guess is show traction. That gets the skeptics to reconsider their opinion and the believers even more excited.

Standard caveat is :)

Shared by alexgunnarson · 802d ago · 11 comments
alexgunnarson · 801d ago

Hey Mlejva!

We're still in closed beta. If you drop your email into the form, I'll reach out and give you access.

alexgunnarson · 801d ago

Great question! Our search technology does work well for most product categories. However, indexing and ensuring product data across all the e-commerce sites out there takes time. We're starting with a narrow category and expanding from there as we feel confident about the results. Also, good comments on NLP! We've heard some similar experiences.

We're not too worried about Amazon. It's incredibly risk for them to change their search. They are also very focused on ad revenue. Great for short term profits, bad for long term user experience.

alexgunnarson · 801d ago

I see your signup! I'm not sure why that error keeps being thrown though. We'll look into it.

Interesting! Were you generally using Google to start those searches?

alexgunnarson · 802d ago

- Definitely recommend slightly more professional packaging. There's a lot of sleek stuff out there in the supplement industry that would make this easy to overlook.

People who could benefit:
- Bodybuilders or really anyone doing more extreme dieting.
- Children or Adults required to take nasty tasting medicine?
- Parents trying to introduce new foods into their children's diets?