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alexgreene · 283d ago

Thanks for sharing, definitely some use cases there that Logger can handle, and I could start targeting.

alexgreene · 286d ago

Sure! Shoot me an email:

alexgreene · 291d ago

Yeah, I've thought a lot about how to monetize Logger, and the B2B offerings would be far easier to monetize, but I don't want to turn my back on B2C use cases. A beta tester let me know how he's already using Logger to track certain important health related data because there's nothing else out there for his use case, and it made me so happy. I plan on having an extensive beta test to learn about who is getting the most value from Logger, and that will guide the monetization strategy.

That said, right now the plan is for the core of the app to be free. If you want to Log, you'll be able to do so without paying and your data will always be very easy to export- once that feature is available :)

There will be additional features that enhance the experience for those who are looking to get more out of it, and those would require a subscription. Log sharing, as described in the B2B use case above would definitely be behind that paywall, as would potential integrations with Google Sheets / Airtable / etc

Nothing's set in stone, but these features might also be behind a paywall: reminders/ sorting/filtering/shortcuts/iCloud backups

As per the visuals, I've just responded to Sal with some links to visuals. I'm probably going to add a screenshot to the landing page right now as well.

alexgreene · 291d ago

Hi Sal!

This turned into a really long response, but hopefully it's interesting and entices you to join the beta!

I've posted some screenshots/gifs on Dribbble:, and I've tweeted a video of the app onboarding:

You're right, the landing page is very text heavy. That's mostly by design, as I'm looking to attract beta testers with whom the idea resonates and are willing to read/write, rather than folks who tend to download something and then not provide feedback. It definitely weeds out people, but the interactions I've had so far have been fantastic. The other part of it is I wanted to share it earlier rather than waiting until a more enticing landing page has been built. Perhaps I will add a screenshot to the page though.

It's very interesting you're comparing it to a note taking app. While the way the data is stored is more similar to a spreadsheet than anything else, I think the typical target user is actually currently using the notes app to track something.

While a notes app is very flexible, it is hardly an ideal way to enter/view structured data. You're missing out on:
- The ability to sort/filter it

- The ability to easily read entries you've made. Unless you devote a lot of time to properly formatting/styling your notes, I think you'll see that entries in Logger are much more appealing to the eye, especially as you scroll through them.

- A variety of different input types. You can tag locations, select from a range of emojis using a slider (kind of like Instagram), select from a list of tags, etc. While you can paste in a screenshot of a map to your notes app, and you can add emojis certainly, it takes a few extra steps. With Logger, the data entry experience is optimized for speed and flexibility. If it would take 60 seconds to Log something in your notes app, I want it to take 15 seconds with Logger. I seriously care about reducing amount of time it takes, because I think that's one of the biggest reasons people give up their habits, tracking or otherwise.

- Smart data entry. This is just kind of an addition to the previous point, but there are optimizations Logger does or can make that the notes app would never be able to. If you're logging your outfits, you shouldn't have to type in "Yellow Polka Dot Dress" every time you wear it. Logger will auto-suggest that as an option, and you can just tap on it. Right now it will suggest it as an auto-complete option, but in the future it might consider other things to predict what you might enter and suggest it first.

- The ability to analyze it, whether that's in the app itself (not currently available, but planned), or by exporting in a common format for analysis (CSV, also not yet available, but coming soon)

alexgreene · 291d ago

That's an interesting idea. While I want to build a community for people using Logger, I imagine it will be mostly separate from the app and something like a forum for power users and newcomers alike to share ideas/templates.

I'd like to make templates share-able, so if you design a Log that you think other people would find useful, you could share a template of it for other people to use. The Logs would not be connected in any way.

Another thing is entry sharing. Right now within the app, I've made it easy to share an automatically cropped screenshot of a specific entry. I'd like to expand on this further, with different themes, so that users are more likely to want to share what they log on social media.

Further out, I have imagined some b2b use cases for actual Log sharing, as an alternative to other mobile form applications. So someone who owns a service company might share a Log with her employees, and they would be able to log work they are doing out in the field.

I don't see communities being built into the Logger app though. I think part of what's special is that the data is completely private. There are so many apps for sharing data, I'd rather communities be built around Logger than into it.

alexgreene · 285d ago

Find readers who you can connect with on a personal level. Friends, family, colleagues. Spend the time speaking with people, even just for one subscriber at a time. It's much more satisfying to have readers who care about what you're saying than just a bunch of email addresses on a list.

alexgreene · 288d ago

It would be a slow progression, and the giant pillars upon which others currently rely will be the last affected. I don’t think they crumble. Everything else just gets taller.

alexgreene · 288d ago

Long before we get there, the software that aids current movie/animation studios will be made available to the average consumer.

Relatively easily, you’ll be able to animate and share a scene in your head. The line between Pixar and what your kid can do in a weekend will close.

alexgreene · 291d ago

I think we're in the golden age of big content and big business. Big Content because it's never been easier or cheaper to create, but the big players still have enough draw to fund big productions like Game of Thrones, etc. I think 5 years from now we'll see far less interest in funding extremely high quality content like that, and more investment in lower quality niche content. We'll look back on what's been produced in the last 10 years with awe, but we'll also enjoy the new forms of low budget media from smaller creators.

Big business because I see smaller players carving away what big companies have taken for granted, across many industries. More likely 10 years from now, but maybe even 5 years from now, I think it will be more difficult for companies at today's scales to exist.