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alexcarrabre · 490d ago

A decent amount, i invested a small amount in their ico in 2017, now have started helping with marketing

alexcarrabre · 490d ago

It's a decentralized search engine that allows you to earn PRE tokens for searching and contributing compute power to their network. And no, no relation to imbuefitness.

alexcarrabre · 529d ago

We'd love to test & get feedback on the lives stream experience for the classes on our app!

alexcarrabre · 529d ago

You could use Presearch - you have to pay for their tokens but they don't take a fee for advertising. they have like 1.6 million users.

alexcarrabre · 578d ago

Hey Daniel - we're hosted our first test class on Saturday (12/5) & would love to get your feedback on the design/functionality of the app (both influencer & member sides) if you get the chance.

Also, we're doing about 4-5 test classes over the next few weeks with influencers who have decent sized audiences (10-300k) as we gear up for the new years fitness push. How should we think about inspiring them to scream from the mountain tops to their following about our product & how should we think about tapping into their networks?