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alessandrosolbiati · 18h ago

dude! that's crazy ahah you are a real hacker man

alessandrosolbiati · 8d ago

broadly speaking.. search, language generation (e.g. assistant), captioning, text understanding (e.g. content extraction, summarisation)

some fun products that use NLP to do crazy stuff are, they use NLP to edit your voice like deep fakes

alessandrosolbiati · 10d ago

NLP, natural language processing. We are able to train big language models on the the entire internet to make them have a human like understanding of natural languages.

alessandrosolbiati · 8d ago

hey great idea! I would remove "stochastic matrix" from your one-liner, sounds "geeky" but I doubt anyone would understand what you are doing from those two words.

Regarding 99% people skip Ads.. most people also think that they are NOT influenced by ads and it just applies to all the other people "I just buy what I want at the supermarket, of course I am not influenced by ads!". This is obviously not true so I would suspect you might have some perspective bias in your survey?

Have you guys looked into official data from youtube/google about ads skipping? I guess if you add that to your pitch would make it look more solid!

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alessandrosolbiati · 8d ago

anything! WhatsApp Is great :)

alessandrosolbiati · 21d ago

yes I would actually love a ping from @danielgross or other folks from pioneer to explain what is the exact formula beyond that "'Ratings from players & experts". It would really motivate me to get higher in the ranking, might as well post this on twitter.

alessandrosolbiati · 21d ago

hey I am sorry for your lost rating. Actually is there more visibility around the rating process? exactly how much point you lose gain week/week and why? (e.g. can I see who voted for me and how that exaclty impacted my scoring)