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alansp · 40d ago

Will do. Cheers.

alansp · 40d ago

Ah, OK. Thought you were just making a joke :)

alansp · 40d ago


alansp · 40d ago

Ah,OK. So even the possibility of pulling data into chats that was relevant to those chats (eg: if you were discussing a company for skilledup, or an invoice for a customer, wouldn't get over that feeling that adding apps to Slack "messes it up"? Interesting. Thanks.

alansp · 40d ago

I would never equate Slack and Notion, so I'm not sure how to respond to that. Your disdain for Slack has some merit, but this is the initial UI for the product I have planned, not the be all and end all, and I've targeted it because there are 10m people who do use it heavily everyday (a huge proportion of those would have it as their primary app), whether or not the "it's just email 2.0" arguments are valid or not. Apps are always enhancements to the systems they run on. The "not self sufficient" comment is somewhat baffling, do you not install apps on your phone?

alansp · 40d ago

Appreciate the feedback. Thanks Manoj. To confirm, are you saying that you don't consider Slack a "work" tool, but entirely collaboration outside of work, and this is why you wouldn't connect any apps to it, ie: you'd maybe be concerned that it would open up your data to non-work collaborators?

alansp · 43d ago

No worries.

alansp · 44d ago

My main piece of advice is general, but something I learned the hard way in the past, and that is to be careful with an offering that caters to two ends of a spectrum (in your case, non-techies through to developers). When you do this, it is very hard to satisfy either end, as you naturally have to make sacrifices to cater for such a broad user base. The biggest risk is that you end up with something both sides can use, but that neither side really loves. Even if you are adamant in servicing both ends, I feel it's much better to have an initial focus on one group, and grow from there.