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akshaysoni · 503d ago

In our case we are targetting parents, an FB private group seems to be one alternative for that audience

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akshaysoni · 537d ago

Good work! Looking forward to the progress

akshaysoni · 537d ago

Parents, K-12 who want to know and optimize their child's nutrition

akshaysoni · 537d ago

Thank you for sharing these Insights, currently in the same and trying to finding niche communities which understand the value of the product

akshaysoni · 539d ago

Appreciate the insights Deepak!

akshaysoni · 540d ago

Great concept Mohit, Excited to use it. Option 2 looks much better. Best of luck!

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akshaysoni · 540d ago

Active campaign is the best

akshaysoni · 540d ago


akshaysoni · 540d ago

The college template seems the best

akshaysoni · 545d ago