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akk · 135d ago

Hey Peter, try PrepAir (https://bit.ly/prepair-pioneer), it helps convert your video pitch into a pitch deck slide that get you results. If you would rather like to do a textual pitch you can try https://bit.ly/ppr-tellurstory.

Good luck and have a great day!


akk · 221d ago

It's great to hear that PrepAir helped you out! We will soon send you the slide and we are very excited to hear what you think!!

akk · 224d ago

Happy New Year Curt!

Where you able to use PrepAir? Please let me know when you have a chance.

Have an awesome day!

akk · 225d ago

Thank you Manoj!

akk · 226d ago

Awesome! Thanks for trying out PrepAir :-)

akk · 226d ago

Thanks Erik! The pitch deck looks great! Hope PrepAir is helpful :-)

akk · 228d ago

Thank you for sharing your slide deck Manoj. It looks good! Could you please sign-up so that we can send you an email with further information.

akk · 228d ago

This is great! Thanks for sharing, Manoj.

akk · 228d ago

Thank you for signing up! We are here to help you get started with your pitch deck. Will send you an email with more information.

akk · 228d ago

It was great working with you as well Lorenzo! Working on PrepAir really helped me in pitching my startup confidently and to the point.

Hope it helps other Pioneer players in preparing for their upcoming pitches.